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  1. Jaerc
    Malidor's Outpost, Aethera Shard
  2. Honor Bear
    Honor Bear
    Character: Hush
  3. Grianadhmad
    «If I'd known I'd be doing this much travel by boat... *retches* We can't get to Calyx fast enough.» - Ilarion Earthdream
  4. Cassie
    I play Clara and Willow in Denver Alliance LARP.
  5. Kavi
    Tivi the Reindeerkyn!
  6. Fredrick Z
    Fredrick Z
    OOG: Kandrie, Utah Consent marshal
  7. Grianadhmad
    «So a little birdy told me... like literally, a little birdy... that the Dragonfall Festival is still on!» - Ilarion Earthdream
  8. Jamilyn
    IG: Audrey Cave OOG: Jamilyn Juetten
  9. rmusic1971
    rmusic1971 Jesse Grabowski
    Hey Jesse,

    Michelle and I have a decent sized house that we could probably help out with some items, but like many others dont really have a means for transportation of said items. What do you still have left that you need assistance with? [personal data removed by mod, please IM]

  10. Valentino
  11. Valentino
  12. Arturo
    Hey guys, it's that Steven fellow!
  13. Arkade
    Excited for 2.0, though I don't like 50% of the new rules, the current system needs an overhaul. I support this change/update.
  14. Gilwing
    WOW! The ignore feature we have on this board is GREAT!
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  15. Grianadhmad
    "Yeah so if all these Chaos Fae could get out of my grove, insert Lumbergh meme here." -- Griancroíaimsitheoir
  16. Grianadhmad
    "This Grove is not yours to conquer and YOU WILL NOT ENDANGER MY CHILD." -- Grianadhmad of Ardic
  17. Mike Verhulst
    Mike Verhulst
    I seem to have been moved to the future and am attempting to swim to shore as a result of there no longer being my ship!
  18. EdgarKingmaker
    Found my old longbow in storage. Last check Sep 2009, item tag M Engler. I wonder if it'll pass again. :p
  19. Kix
    Kix Fenris Achasse
    Hey crazy eyes, I miss wandering with you!
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  20. Magnus Björn
    Magnus Björn
    *sizzle in the distance* "What is that intoxicating aroma?" - M.B.