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  1. Kensai
    More than a Mercenary Swordsman
  2. Durnic
    Broken Shards hit in all of the right ways. What a fantastic start to a new campaign!
  3. Suzanne
    "A plotline never survives contact with a PC"
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  4. Durnic
    Two weeks until the first event for the Broken Shards campaign. I am giddy with excitement.
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  5. Tantarus
    Tantarus Draven
    Pfft Some of us where doing it before it was cool.
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  6. Draven
    2.0 is coming! #spellswordsunite
    1. Durnic
      I am excited for the Spellsword stuff for sure.
      Feb 11, 2019
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  7. Droth
    Did anyone even ask the players about these stupid rules?
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    2. Brooke Stoker
      Brooke Stoker
      Probably not.
      Feb 5, 2019
    3. Draven
      For a couple years now.
      Feb 6, 2019
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  8. Muir
    Not sure which is worse, the snow or the undead, and they're both knee deep.
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  9. Alliance SoMI
    Alliance SoMI
    Don't just play it. Live It
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  10. Jaerc
    Malidor's Outpost, Aethera Shard
  11. Honor Bear
    Honor Bear
    Character: Hush
  12. Grianadhmad
    «If I'd known I'd be doing this much travel by boat... *retches* We can't get to Calyx fast enough.» - Ilarion Earthdream
  13. Cassie
    I play Clara and Willow in Denver Alliance LARP.
  14. Kavi
    Tivi the Reindeerkyn!
  15. Fredrick Z
    Fredrick Z
    OOG: Kandrie, Utah Consent marshal
  16. Grianadhmad
    «So a little birdy told me... like literally, a little birdy... that the Dragonfall Festival is still on!» - Ilarion Earthdream
  17. Jamilyn
    IG: Audrey Cave OOG: Jamilyn Juetten
  18. rmusic1971
    rmusic1971 Jesse Grabowski
    Hey Jesse,

    Michelle and I have a decent sized house that we could probably help out with some items, but like many others dont really have a means for transportation of said items. What do you still have left that you need assistance with? [personal data removed by mod, please IM]

  19. Valentino
  20. Valentino