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  1. Copper
    Copper Sleet
    I see you, online and stuff!
  2. Otaras Bar
    Otaras Bar Redcloud
    IG: Hello Redcloud I wish to speak to you in a more private setting . . . .
  3. Vampy
    Getting Ready
  4. Ruki
    I'm posting a status update.
  5. Wandererj4ck
    Wandererj4ck Embrawk
    hey so i would like to bear more on this idea. I would love to have a recurring npc, and would jump at being npc guild for that. Tell me your idea
  6. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    Cant wait for the next event :)
  7. Accleates
    Sharpening my blade and reading war manuals
  8. Accleates
    The Shoutiest Biata!
  9. MortyStrange69
    "In killing monsters two things need to be remembered: Do not become one yourself, and do not create them." - Mortimer
  10. Kix
    Let's go play in the streams?
  11. Sspyndel
  12. PYKE
    PYKE Flawless
    Where are you from?
  13. Flawless
    Newbie here looking for a chapter to join
  14. Amahri
    Amahri Fade
    Hi, Mike, Brian told me he had talked you about my character on Friday and Saterday. He said you were looking for a celestial caster for your barony. I'd be interested in joining. Feel free to message me on Facebook. Retta Lambert.
  15. Tithraq
    Holy ****! He's alive!
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  16. PYKE
    Changing from a stone cold stone elf to a vibrant mwe has many thinking I'm crazy.
    1. Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith
      Nah, dude. You're just crazy.
      Jun 16, 2017
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  17. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    getting gear ready for the June event
  18. brannan
    That deer guy.
  19. vince ortega
    vince ortega
    hi my name is vince im new to larping ive been to a few fighter practices and my first event ever will be in may!
  20. Emaric
    Denver Season 4 Hype!