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  1. Dart
    I don't do things part way. It's, a problem.
  2. JimJam
    IG: Andon; time-walker, advantageous fighter, and pretty nice guy.
  3. Lord Benjamin
  4. Grianadhmad
    Going on seven weeks without visiting Ardic and having withdrawals. *starts shaking*
  5. Silver
    Silver Talon
    Did you use a pipe or a rod for the carbon fober
  6. Calliope
    My friends call me Carol
  7. Kix
    Probably dancing in the rain.
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  8. Celoa
    Mace and flail weapons are the best. I'm going to need a boffer version of a flail.
  9. Celoa
  10. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    busy "plotting" for the November game.
  11. Hava
  12. Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith
    I love RP hero moments with the knowledge that I swing 2s.
  13. Jaerc
    Malidor's Outpost, Sleeping Dragon Pass
  14. Bigens73
    It feels great to begin recovering after defeating The Architect and driving the Corrupt from Gaden
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  15. Copper
    Copper Sleet
    I see you, online and stuff!
  16. Otaras Bar
    Otaras Bar Redcloud
    IG: Hello Redcloud I wish to speak to you in a more private setting . . . .
  17. Vampy
    Getting Ready
  18. Ruki
    I'm posting a status update.
  19. Wandererj4ck
    Wandererj4ck Embrawk
    hey so i would like to bear more on this idea. I would love to have a recurring npc, and would jump at being npc guild for that. Tell me your idea
  20. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    Cant wait for the next event :)