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    Spring in Evodia

    I was not present when we last encountered them but from my understanding the curator is not a person with the title of curator, they are a magical being who resides in the Vault and jealously guards its contents. They summon creatures and use the contents or certain vaults to defend or test...
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    All part of zhe plan!

    Hi I'm Lightning. Sounds like you're missing out on adventure Eve. I'm going on the ship Binks! Lightning
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    Spring in Evodia

    I was also present for the summoning of Halvar, though he did not seem enthused with any of the Biata in his presence. He did ask us to retrieve a weapon, specifically the Sword of Evodir and directed us to look in the Vault. Due to the Royalist War, we have not yet had a time to look for the...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    Scout here. I took doom blow but it is considerably underwhelming to me. Weapon doom would be worth the build I spent on it
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    Borrow Boffers?

    We can bring a long bow rep if that's more your style
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    Rituals and their Catalysts within the Lands of Evodia

    The catalyst for the spirit forge ritual is the Blossom of a Moon Touched Lotus. Zen Mallowbrooks
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    State of the Town

    Adventurers of Erabella Though the dust is still settling on our accomplishments this weekend, I want to take this moment to congratulate all of us. We won. The civil war that has plagued this land for far too long is ended. The leaders of the Royalist army have thrown down their weapons and...
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    Task this Market

    Zihr, I believe Cass is referring to where we will be operating as adventurers this weekend. Cass, We have not received word on where we will be to my knowledge but, based on what we're hearing from the war reports, I imagine it will be in the vicinity of Pentoram in the northern duchy. I...
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    Create undead

    I feel like I never got an answer on this before so I'm asking again: does a character remember the time spent effected by Create Undead? I feel like the answer is no because a character doesn't remember the time effected by corrupt but the spell text does not clarify.
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    Call for Scrolls

    The town box may have one wall of force scroll that I've been meaning to get rid of. I was going to seek it to a third party and put the money in the box but you're welcome to buy it at cost, just to get it out of there. As for stocking scrolls in the town box, I dont plan on making that happen...
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    Why don't you NPC?

    I've larped for about eight years now, mostly at alliance but I've attended others sporadically. I've been on staff at other games and I've help run a few alliance games here and there. I pretty much exclusively PC these days but I do miss npcing a lot. Feeling like I'm missing out for my pc...
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    Poisoned food

    Scenting used to allow that but on page 22 of the rulebook it states "Wylderkin have very strong scent abilities, which might interact with the game world in interesting ways at the discretion of a chapter’s Plot staff" under the wylderkin heading. As far as I can tell, it's not mentioned...
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    Drain vs Enfeeble

    Enfeeble is also available from the sleep/enfeeble blow weapon skill
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    When da time comes....

    Bruisey, I will gladly fight alongside you when the time come to deal with Eberis and my weapon, Longarm has a reaver for him and a few other things that I plan to use for the fight, but I cannot truthfully say that should I get the opportunity to end his life come i wouldn't take it in an...
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    The search begins

    The town box has a seek the whole that I would be happy to donate for this cause. Zen Mallowbrooks