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    Expected Death Rate

    Once every two years sounds about right from what I've heard and experienced myself.
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    Show off your costumes

    Kids in garb are the cutest! I love the whole family in matching outfits. :D
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    Improving in-game atmosphere

    I know it's not always possible due to cost considerations, but having multiple outfits per event for PCs is a subtle, but surprisingly effective way of saying "these are clothes" rather than "this is my costume". Of course, there are characters who would wear the same thing for 3+ days...
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    Winter Costumes

    It doesn't get that cold here in California, but I am a total wimp about it. I do a several things to stay warm. First, long johns, like Lurin mentioned. If you want them to be super warm, get silk ones. They have the advantage of continuing to insulate even when wet, much like wool does. I...
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    How can we increase fun?

    This. PCs do awesome, heroic things that change lives and the course of history. Recognition for that is worth more than gold to many people. One of my favorite moments at an event was at the SF alternate campaign, Twinspire, when we returned from clearing the sky of a global Cloak of Darkness...
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    Safer weapons

    I know this is a joke, but it needs to happen somewhere, somehow.
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    How can we increase fun?

    I second more silly song parodies. There are some around SF and they have never failed to make the game more fun and/or cause mayhem! More chances to wear fancy dresses! I've got such fun court clothes, and nowhere to wear them. More gypsies. Always more gypsies. :D
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    The $100,000,000 Question

    1. Buy land. Build the most epic LARP site known to man. Oh, and a house for me. But really, who doesn't have the idea of the "the perfect LARP site" in their head right now? Man, it would have a fake ruined tower for mods and an inn and a gypsy wagon and and a great monster camp with storage...
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    August 2011 Favorite Moments

    All the gypsy stuff. Just all of it. I especially loved sneaking Aragwen's gypsy gear into my bag so it'd be a surprise when she race changed and I was prepared. Yay gypsyphilis! Necro Bandit Bandits! Having all my non-gypsy friends come up to me Saturday night and go "You know, I really don't...
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    Show off your costumes

    Post of a picture of yourself (or your friends) in your alliance costumes! I'm the one with the red skirt and gray bodice, the white veil is Tysa/Teadora, and the badass in plate is Vanessa/Ashlin. Refitting armor... A major part of every battle. Drunken Scholars happens more than one...
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    World Building: A Bard's Life

    I've seen a ballad or two written about in-game stuff, and it's always great fun. It would be awesome to have an Alliance songbook.
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    Rides for Seattle

    Thanks for the offer, Prashka! :) But there are enough people from SF heading up that we're staking out a cabin. I look forward to seeing you (and blowing stuff up with you :D ) again!
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    Favorite Moments of the July Long Event!

    The best-dressed murder party is one of the high points. Everyone charging down the hill in their satins and velvets, the women in gowns, weapons drawn, was amazing. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped get my wand back! Talking with the king at the high table was interesting, and...
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    What does "In Period" mean to you?

    I have a fondness for the medieval, but really, I think anything before about 1550-1600 is OK.
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    Rides for Seattle

    SkollWulfrun- I'd love to catch a ride with you guys from portland, but I don't want to leave my brother, who's heading up to the San Juan Islands once he's dropped me off, to drive from Portland to Seattle on his own. Thanks for offering, though! I looks forward to seeing you there...