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    Fight practice/Hangout

    I'd love to!
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    Sites and Events Update

    Thanks for the update! Hope you're all doing well and staying safe.
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    Castle Event Credit

    I think it's people who attended that aren't getting their build from the weekend
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    October Castle Favorites

    (Accidentally posted this early and can't delete, so I'm just going to edit.) I had such an incredible time at this gathering. I'm still catching up on sleep from the weekend and there is no question in my mind: it was 100% worth it. Favorites in no order: -Sneaking around in the dark with Migs...
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    An open letter

    To whom it may concern, You took my friends, so now you must die. It has been decided. I hope you have spent your time well in the land of the living. I hope you have also made peace with whatever higher powers you might or might not believe in. I look forward to meeting you. Regards, Bel
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    The CMA link goes to the listing for the September event
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    September Favorites

    This has been my very favorite gathering of the year so far. It's difficult putting together a list because I know I'm going to forget a lot of things. -The little castle fight, especially the part when the Royalists captured the box of Fae. Watching everyone as we rushed in to recapture it...
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    The search begins

    I have borrowed a horse from Matron Locke and will be joining the search as well. I plan to search the area surrounding the villages that the werewolves were attacking. Bel
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    Last time I saw them was back in town after all the fighting last night. Come to think of it, I don't think I saw them in the last hour or so I was there. This is worrying, but I can at least take solace in this: they have both proven themselves to be skilled fighters. We will find them safe and...
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    Silvered Weapons roll call!

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    Yep, it should just be You'll have to email them to get access to it.
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    The CMA is the new system that Alliance uses to keep track of characters and skills. You should send an email to Logistics about it, since it is necessary. It allows you to blanket and buy skills directly on the website, it's very convenient.
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    There's definitely a way to do it on the CMA, not sure beyond that.
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    August Favorites

    Wish I had half the amount of confidence OOG as I did during Liar's Dice! That was a surprise to me, strange as it sounds. I never knew just how confident Bel could get