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    Used leather armor for sale!

    Here is one video I found. The video has the guy wearing the matching bracers, and i do not have those.
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    Used leather armor for sale!

    I'll have to search for some video I found a long time ago. I don't have pics of me wearing the full armor as it's too small for me. But the pics on the link really give the best look for it. And i know a few Rogues in Oregon have this one. The bottom section is made of softer leather so that it...
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    A letter is delivered to Foxridge by courier and is posted in the Inn by a villager- Dear Kel, Land Covenant, and company of friends, I have been wandering between the mists, trying to find my way back. I have feared the worst since my absence as I have had no word of the fate of my...
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    Used leather armor for sale!

    Last Bump! I may be moving up to Portland soon, so I may be able to deliver in that area at no charge! It's tax return season!
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    Used leather armor for sale!

    This armor is still available!
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    Used leather armor for sale!

    I asking $450 plus shipping. Gently used, size large. Here is a link for reference. Message me if you are interested! Bruce
  7. BruceMiller a dream.

    *Leonin dreams...he sits alone in a large library. The shelves seem to stretch far beyond what the eye can see. He sits on a chair fashioned out of books and scrolls, and a desk made in a similar fashion. the soft whispering is heard as if many voices read verses, poems, and stories, though no...
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    My companions from this last gather...

    Friends who were with me in Foxbridge...We spoke of plans to scout and making easier access to the Capitol. I would like to speak to all of you about this before we all disembark to our plans. I know I suggested Evarion accompany the scouting mission, but I cannot recall who else was going. I...
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    Season 2, Event 4 - Ruination, Favorite Moments

    OOG, I enjoyed nearly accidentally joining a perfectly balanced team to do mods. And we all made a killing in gold for it as we pushed our APL a few times. IG, Leonin struggled a bit to form into a leader but I felt like he is growing into accepting fellow heroes for their faults and...
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    Seeking lodging for the next gather.

    Heroes of Foxbridge, It seems that I will need to seek different place to sleep at our next gather as the house I normally stay in is full. I am very weary of strangers and would like to see if someone I know would host me before I stay in a cabin that may have those I do not know in it. I can...
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    Capturing is not quite my style. But I can make a mess killing things. I also am a good "distraction"...whatever that means. I will help how I can. Leonin
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    What can someone tell me about his forces? Does he command undead? Is he a necromancer?
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    Seeking better weapons...

    Magic is not for me. My mother used healing magics with our pride in only the most dire of situations. Other than that, I avoid it. Kel often brings me relics and items that were owned by mighty worriers that provide better protection or provide better results. For example, Kel gave me a...
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    Seeking better weapons...

    Brothers and sisters in arms, I am seeking assistance with expanding my collection of weapons. Kel has told me that there may be weapons that are more effective in battles against the undead and necromancers. I have one or two silver weapons, but would like to find out who might be able to make...
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    Creating A Bestiary

    I too would like a better understanding of the threats to Foxbridge. Most to best defeat them. I will be assembling my own armory so that I can better serve the area. For now, I've only faced a few creatures in the area. The Volig seem squishy and hate earth weapons and the are...