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    LARP Garage Sale!

    Hello and thank you for taking a peak! I am culling my LARP stuff and offering it up for sale! I have 3 groups of stuff. The cost is for the entire group of stuff. I do not want to sell individual items and because of this I am asking for a very low bundled price. Retail value is triple or...
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    In Memoriam...

    If anyone would like to share a story, memory, or anything of the like please send it my way. It helps my grief to remember. I will be compiling these in a journal for when age steals these memories from me. Thank you -Arsita
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    A debt repaid

    Thank you Clyde. I wish you and the Purple Lotus good fortune and sharp blades. -Arsita
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    The Not So Good Doctor

    Don't shoot the messenger or anything but I have confirmed the 140 missing guild members are in Anret fighting under Enslavement #9 for the Sapphire Kingdom. The Sapphire Queen is willing to release them all with antidotes in exchange for killing the General of the Olothen Empire. So if anyone...
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    May event favorites

    Thank you NPC's and plot for a wonderful event. -Finally making my Philosophers Stone and only blowing myself up a little bit. -Cleaning out the good Doc's workshop -Spiders. Then spiders part two because *#$@% Spiders... Yes they REALLY are that bad. -Getting a wonderful resurrection from...
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    Kazik/Zodiac Information

    If you can get a dragon to give up a tooth I have the recipe for that elixir Aramis. -Arsita
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    Ternian Empire

    Your support is much appreciated Asura. - Arsita
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    Ternian Empire

    Right. I was wondering if anyone knew more about the orbs. I should have been more specific, apologies. I'm worried the entire empire is about to be blissed in 9 days. -Arsita
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    Ternian Empire

    So "eubalist orbs"... is that a problem? peace, love, harmony, dream, and joy were all mentioned in High Chancellor Lucertia Serranus' message. I am highly suspicious of all of these lovely sounding things nowadays. Sounds not good, Kazzik not good. Thoughts? -Arsita
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    Custom Orders

    With winter approaching now is the time to consult on any custom work you would like done. :) Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, W's for wards, Keepsake/Memory boxes, Spell book Reps, or anything else you can think of that is crafty/scrapbook-y-ish/artsy. (I don't do much/any sewing though)...
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    October 2nd Favorites

    Thank you plot and NPC's! It was a cold one but we didn't let that stop us! -I am a big fan of Aramis's new found emotions. Sometimes scary but all around very cool. Excellent RP. You scared the crap out of me when you screamed in the tavern. :) Also no biting. -Artea was in fine form...
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    Things for sale.

    What size are the shirt, vests, and pants. Price? And cost for black studded bracers and the various bags. -Arsita
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    Things for sale.

    Absolutely! -Arsita
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    Things for sale.

    Some sort of tunic I think. Not too sure. We can brainstorm together. -Arsita
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    Apple! -Arsita