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    Needed Weapon

    Hello, I am hoping this letter reaches the right person in good health. I have been traveling and very lost, but I just found out I am not to far from town. In my travels I have had my silver blade stolen from my camp. If anyone has a cheap or would be willing to help a traveler out with a...
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    Two Questions from a returning player

    Hello, I haven't played in about 10 years. Question one, Where can I get my Character Card, and Two is there a place to set up tents? Thanks in advance Carl P.S. I will be pre reging for opener.
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    Hey Mike, Is there a spot for tenting? Carl
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    Character card

    So uh.. How does one get a copy of their character card? Thanks Carl
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    Sword and shield

    So, not exactly a new player, but haven't played since before latex swords came in. As far as swords, what are the rules on latex swords as far the padding? (I.E. swords sold on larp weapons sites) As far as shields, essentially the same question as the swords, but I also need the dimensions...