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    May 23rd Tavern Night and Dungeon Delve Head Count

    I plan to, but will depend on how noisy the kids are.
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    Community Engagement

    I probably should re-download discord onto my phone since I don't usually pull it up on the computers.
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    Favored Shield Shape

    I prefer a kite, but mine is a center grip, the one i'm building for someone else currently is a kite, with strap.
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    April 10th Weekend Photo Contest

    Picked up a new book for Corbell to keep his notes in. Been working with Dylan to get his backstory typed up (which he sent in last week) and his costuming since he starts when he turns 14 in July. Only thing he doesn't have yet is a sword, which he is getting from Forge of Rath in a few...
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    Clean Up Clean Up Everyone Do Their Share!!

    The new totes are amazing! Monster camp is cleaned up and organized and ready to start the year.
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    Clean Up Clean Up Everyone Do Their Share!!

    If anyone gets lost shoot me a message here or on Facebook and I'll pm you my cell number to help you get here.
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    Clean Up Clean Up Everyone Do Their Share!!

    There's no straight path to my house, but it's a bi-level yellow house dead center of the cul-de-sac. 57 to exit 312 is the fastest route from just about anywhere.
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    Suggestions for weapon vendors?

    Mine was made by Ethan (Iggy)
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    November 15-17 favorites

    Had a fun time this weekend! Thanks to the company for some good food, and all of the npc's. Some if my favorites in no particular order. - Regenerating zombie babies - doing the shuffle so not to freeze while trying to get McNulty's shirt. - all of the npc's. I think this is the first...
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    November 1-3 Favorites!

    First off:. Thanks to all of the wonderful NPC's! Also thanks to the company for three more amazing meals! Now in no particular order: - moonlight Sentinel pre-battle intoxicates and impromptu singing before the Lennox Battle. - Golems, been a while since I wore a construct. - Peachrock...
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    A plea from Evodia, a land outside the Mists

    Auryn, I am planning to come back and visit Evodia, and would be glad to help Squire Zihr. Squire Corbell Sheppard
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    I was still working with my family on the farm when the gold door was sealed. But from what I have been told, and I am sure Aramis, Talus, or Kazhira might be more knowledgeable. But the Gold door locks away the emotions of the stone elves. If that door were to be re-opened all of the...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Squire Rusty asked me to share some updates from him as he is currently dealing with some problems of his own, and would prefer solitude during his time of contemplation. Forbidden Magic Unis - All wrapped up as far as we are aware Viktor Hook's Lichbits - We've unraveled a big part of Hook's...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Actually Lord Silp, I was just thinking about you. I need to write a sonnet for and about Duke Raash, and I was thinking who would know his history better than someone that served him? To answer your questions, the forbidden magic uni have all been locked up, and the founder returned to the...
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    August Event Favorites!

    I spent more time in the tavern than out of it this weekend. But, in no particular order than how my memory is working tonight - Void Mod. The cohesion between the three groups. - Blood Book - the trip to the underdark wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. But was still a fun fight. - The...