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    General Lore about the Area?

    Hey man sorry about that! I just didnt want you coming all that way just to get turned away. I think its insurance that cost more when you have people under the age of 18. Again feel free to PM on Facebook and I can give you more info on my chapter. I would be thrilled to have you come out and...
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Also uhh Greyoak it says you are 17 the age limit is 18. Keep that in mind.
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Info will be posted in June with Race Packets listed. The caps are being discussed we will def have a rit cap and possibly a level cap but it would be pretty high. But again June will see more info dropped along with first season schedule.
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Sweet congrats! We should be up and running in November! If you want I can send you the human race packet for humans for our land and some basic info about or land if you think we will be your home chapter. Let me know! Will I see you at the XR game on the 20th?
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Okay. So as far as classes go they can be found in all areas of the world. You would of been taught whatever magic you come into the game knowing so you might want to figure that out. But if you are human I would say you come from Mercatos. Now why you choose to come to the wylds and sanctuary...
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Hey Nokk! I am a regular player at Crossroads. At one point they had some PDFs of each race packet. But some things about the land of Fortannis. Basically to accommodate the OOG of different chapters where you can still play your character that is "housed" at XR each land is separated by...
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    Archery Opinions: packet or larp arrow?

    Hello! So I was talking to some other LARPers who play a different game. They were asking about our archery system and why we don't use LARP arrows and bows etc. I said it was a safety issue and that owners had decided to not have them. What is your opinion on Alliance starting to use the...
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    Going to XR? Will you bring my shield?

    Hello! So I live in Asheville NC and will be at the XR game coming up this weekend. Will K. made a shield for me and I would love to have it for this game. Shipping it is like 80 bucks. I would gladly pay you some gas money to bring it down if you are planning on playing.
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    Traveling to your lands for the first time

    Trevor. The town of Sanctuary is an independent city state in the Wylds of Kosmara. The rule of law is relatively new. We are at war with Mercatos and Orenda who have made advances recently. As far as laws are concerned Necromancy is outlawed and is punishable by death. Murder is illegal along...
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    Shatter/Destroy in your chapter

    So at Crossroads and ABG I see it about once a game on avg. The worst I have seen was a creature swinging shatters attacking PC's armor. It was put down quickly but at least one person was hit and screwed for that day. I love the idea of getting rid of the timers....those are my least favorite...
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    [.10] Design Philosophy for Class Function and Balance

    It seems to me reading the past few responses that most people are in an agreement that it is a blend of skill and IG skills that create a perfect balance. I would agree completely. I think another thing that reinforces this at least at my local chapter, crossroads, is the prevalence of fight...
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    Hello Rowan, I am Commander Oddat of the Golden Boar. I think I have someone who can teach you these things. We should be stationed in the village of Sanctuary at the start of Spring. Let me know if I can be of use to you. Commander Oddat
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    Magic Culture: Celestial and Earth

    hmmm....Daygar my first character who was an earth scholar thought the names came from the fact that the energy for Earth Magic came from the earth itself and casting chaos also damaged the earth. Celestial magic's energy was taken from their elemental planes and in his mind those planes were...
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    Is this still active?

    The season finale of the Crossroads game is this weekend 11-11-17. Short notice but if you are free you should check it out!
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    Throwing Weapons

    I just started using some javelins that a friend made that don't look terrible and fly pretty awesome. Base Dmg of 3 is nice plus a large thrown weapon grabs the attention of an enemy better than a smaller one. We found that basically who ever was holding a javelin was the target just due to the...