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    2016 Seattle Season Pass - Special Holiday Pricing

    So, July or August until now? Sure, alright.
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    2016 Seattle Season Pass - Special Holiday Pricing

    I assume it is too late to purchase this? Will there be a similar deal for 2016-2017?
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    Looking for Teachers

    I can teach either Merchant or Celesital next time we gather. Lord Lorotho Everbright
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    Looking for Scrolls and Potions

    I am willing to sell alchemical elixirs of Cure Light Wounds, if you'd let me know how many you need. At the moment, I can part with around 10 of them, at a silver a piece. If you need antidotes, I can supply those, but my backstock is a lot more limited. I generally charge around 4 silver a...
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    Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret, October 7-10

    "Giant squid slut shaming" "I think we need to murder rescue him"
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    Favorite Moments: "Blitz," 11/30/13 - 12/1/13

    Paul's two mods, of "squid guy" and obstacle course, were just awesome. Both of them were fun, immersive, challenging, and just a blast. Hot dropping in to save the Queen... and how reasonable she was to work with us when surrounded by her Enslaved guards. I guess nothing like mortal danger...
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    Notes on a few of the creatures seen recently in Twinspire

    While it is not the most recent edition, the Beastiary of Twinspire is a very useful document. It is available in the public meeting area of my library (see attached). For example, the Void Magus we fought on the Argosian Isles are clearly listed. Also, part of the story we recovered from the...
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    cured nobles of enslavement

    We were able to cure all the nobles that we could find of the Enslavement that Garrotte had performed. Under questioning, they remember being abducted from what were thought to be secure locations, and Enslaved by Garrote. Garrote's exact instructions were to keep their enslavement secret, and...
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    Favorite Moments for August Twinspire event!

    Oh, yeah, the "medieval CSI scene" That was cool on many,many levels.
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    Favorite Moments for August Twinspire event!

    OMG, there were so many. Feeling like a rock star, and controlling a battle field with Magic Storm. I have never had that spell so dramatically well for me. The diffusing the rable rouser with Brandon. There was a really intense moment, where so much of my character came into focus, and...
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    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    I hate to break it to you, but your attempt to discredit doesn't hold water. I have talked with the good professor, and he was able to determine by empowering the ritual, that there was a member of *that* group that was malicious in intent. One, person. I was part of the focus to stop the...
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    [Twinspire] You Are Not Alone

    We are honored and humbled by such support. I remember growing up within the 4 Nations... where there was a time, that every citizen of each one was considered a brother and sister together. When this catastrophe occured, it was not "5000 citizens of Fathomfall have perished." It was, "5000...
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    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    Every ounce of divination points to malicious self-willed. Yes, I had thought of ineptitude or mind control, which is something I had the good professor specifically look for. We were able to narrow it down to the group of 2 MWE's, 1 Stone Elf, 1 Wylderkine, and a Hobling. I was one of the...
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    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    Independently confirmed... one of the people in the group betrayed the will of the rest of us, and acted with malicious intent. I have a suspect, based on logical deduction and process of elimination, but I will share more at the gather, after I've done more digging.
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    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    I've been doing some digging into the accusations of mass murder in Fathomfall aimed at us. I confirmed with Professor Glanstaufer that without a shadow of a doubt, that there was at least one member of the Celestial casters who forced the meteor down, fighting the will of the rest of us. The...