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    June Event Favorites

    - Beeps - Feeling like I was actually helping and standing my ground in a fight and against wrong doing - Coming up with a new group, DMF... - Seeing how much trouble 12 kobolds could get into. Thought they all were going to get killed before breakfast - Great team work on the fire - Watching...
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    Registration Still Open for June 24-26 Event!

    I plan on coming but will probably NPC since I won't know many people PC'ing Joe, Dig in game
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    Drive a little further to play at a castle?

    If we do get to play there, I can't wait to storm the castle!!!! The Princess Bride style... with a giant, a sword fighter, and a paralyzed guy!!!
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    October Event Favorites and comments.

    Very fun for my fist full weekend, I'm sure I don't remember everything, but here is what I can remember... 1. Mist cave first night, running chasing, falling, healing, etc... 2. Getting more use to knowing what I've been hit with, sleep, bind, pin, fear, chaos, etc.. 3. Hearing "Justice" every...
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    Market day Training opportunities

    James, I would also like to train with you my brother. A lot of what you talk about also is important for me to train and learn. I look to learn more about my bow and short sword and how to use them more effectively in combat. See you all next market day, I am looking forward to seeing you...
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    Attention: 1st Slip Race (a scavenger hunt) CANCELED!!

    Re: Attention: 1st Slip Race (a scavenger hunt) I am always looking to test my skills, count me in!
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    In Memory of Lok

    I will be there for the feast and to remember Lok!
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    Pre-Reg Closed for October 22-24th, @ Door still ok!

    Re: Pre-Registration Open for October 22nd-24th Game! Looking forward to my first whole weekend event instead of showing up for one night!
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    Harbors Far Meat Sangwiches

    I am milking the cow right now to make the cheese. Once done making the cheese, I slaughter the cow to make the beef patties. Then I will skin the cow and have some hardened leather armor made!
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    Event Favorites, August Event

    Favorite things.... 1. getting use to using a bow and short sword. 2. listening to Lok yell about Invading Frogs. 3. Undead Lychics arguing about how to make the best undead soldier 4. lightning 5. Holdem between Mods 6. Accidently hitting a PC for 3 because I thought her pet butterfly was EVIL
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    Craft Night at my Apt- Postponed for the 19th

    Re: Craft Night at my Apt! Instant Netflix is pretty good. Look up "To the Limit" on there, it's a great documentary of free climbing the half dome at Glacier National Park
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    Trade: My Leathercrafting for a Bow Phys & Packets

    I can make you a bow and packets if you are still looking for them or would be willing to pay cash for some leathercrafting. I'm looking for a leather breast plate armor, bracers, leggings, and a helm. Message me and we can figure something out, Joe
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    Newbie Question

    So I'm a Human Fighter with Archery, One handed edge, Florentine, Two Weapons, and blacksmith. I'm a little confused as to what kind of weapons I can carry. I'm thinking about a long sword and two short swords, but from ready the rule book, I don't think this is possible. What weapons can I...
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    Words to the men of Harbors Far

    Another Harbors Far member in the ranks!!!