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    Transformation Video!

    That was an AWESOME video.
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    If Alliance were a video game...

    You can add savior to that if you happen to get the rest of the mod back to life.
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    Platinum legal currency

    The one on the left I believe is from Avendale (NERO Int). My memory could be failing me as it was over 20+ years since I went to the ceadercrest site
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    Platinum legal currency

    Patrick hasn't pced GB in a while and it was before Plats were introduced. It might be something they handed out years ago as an LCO thing.
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    Empowering strike and Storm spells

    Can I empowering strike an storm spell and what happens? I feel like I've read that you can't but I can't seem to find it. *Edit* Can you point me to where it states that please
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    Disarming a trap and create trap

    According to the CMA (both freeplay and the regular one) description of the skill Create Trap... But the rule book states... One refers to DISARMING and the other ARMING a trap. Which one is correct? EDIT: Since I cant reply I will just edit and say thank you for the clarification
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    John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

    Well John it's been almost 12 years since you left us and I know your birthday is coming up soon. I thought you'd get a kick out of this attachment. I just moved into a house and drove past it the other day. The game has changed a lot and really wonder what direction it would have went in had...
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    But that's all classes that don't have healing. The same would apply with a flame elemental that has body and armor and ice goes straight to body. They added the armor to make it worth something to throw healing at undead and a weapon that swings healing has become a "must have" instead of a...
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    2.0 Rules

    It available now on .pdf
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    2.0 Rules

    A lot sooner than you think.....
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    Dragon Mage

    I just wanted to hop in as a very, very old school player and say that Ryan B is correct. Remember it was Formals as highmagic wasnt a thing. Also Formals were 4 build each for a scholar and you didnt get any bonus to having them. It was also an unobtainable goal as a PC could NEVER be a dragon...
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    ARB 2.0 thoughts and feedback

    PCs do it NPCs as well. "Stand back, that last one threw a sleep poison". Maybe the monsters in the distance spotted you mowing down their allies on their way up to the fight? Lol.
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    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    Dam Zen. Why did you have to go and do that? Well the answer is because that's the type of person you are. I remember when you first started. So eager. Wanting to pounce on anything that you came across. Looking for guidance and seeking a family. From the responses here I know you found that...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    A bunch of "Lackeys" with Intercept, Mettle and the likes are fun and are great when its pulled off and........the PCs can do the same thing, look at that.
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    The better question is, why do most people think that we should be taking things out in one shot? Would players rather use 4 effects on 4 different "monsters" to take them out or 3 resists and then the take out on the 4th? If everyone wants to use their one ability to take out that one "monster"...