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    getting new players

    hi everyone, I have relocated out in pittsburgh and I am hoping to help create a alliance larp fan base out here so I am looking for material to help. things like flyers general info and such. maybe if someone has a copy of the g4 special they could send me a copy. if you have and helpful ideas...
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    Pre-registration for the June 24 event: CLOSED

    I know its late but i just wanted to let you know i will be npcing and can be a medic for the event as well. Heather Marvin
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    High Ogre Love

    Wow that is one damn good looking ogre!
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    I am sory that I offened you. But once again this is just my opinion. I was not refuring to you when i said "To be honest I feel that most of you dislike them becuase they do not show fear when most of you do." I know you are brave both on and off the battle field. I am not say this to be rude...
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    Ithica, Thank you for you words, but at time i feel you are a bit to pure of mind to uderstand the depth of some of this. I mean no disrespect by saying this. You just seem to have a very optimistic point of veiw. As for the trials with Black Forset I believe that a world of proof would not...
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    you guys now do a one event member ship now right? if so how much is it?
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    i know something as younge as you wouldnt really understand that its some times better to choose your own fate then letting others force things upon you.
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    not really what i am saying i am saying it was. i am saying it was something we all agreed on and its was what we felt was the right aproach to this mistake
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    I would liket o tell you all how this apology came about. For the record HE ONLY "offered" a public apology after the Black Forest spoke to him several times and then informed Gloriana that it would be in HIS best interest to do so. Amaris Lovik
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    June 3 weekend pre-registration: CLOSED

    Re: June 3 weekend pre-registration i am hoping to make it to npc
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    I am not just suddenly bring these iteams up you are just speaking of things you know nothing of. I am not speaking agianst you race you are assuming that is what i meant becuase you true know nothing of which you are speaking. so why dont you hold your tongue on these matters. Amaris Lovik
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    Thank you Sir Ignatious Skippio Vex for clearifying this further to them for me.
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    Well I am glad you all think this is a joking matter. Thank you Raven for making sure this has been cleared up in these lands but please do make it clear in other lands. I hope to hear apologize from other who just jumped to agree with this ideas and do things like hold me against my will in...
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    Medical Staff and Procedures

    oh i am now cpr and first aid certified. Just got them both with in the last 6 months. thought i would let you know. heather marvin
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    Half races?

    yeah I just have a few half race ideas running through my head and i just wanted to check the logistics of everything before i played one.