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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    Heya. So we've had some good back and forth with people that had input in the book (or sway that can make the changes we wish to see.) A friendly reminder of outstanding issues we are still waiting to hear on: Mental Abilities causing a false sense of love. The Human intro. Adding "Restricted"...
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    An Exciting Adventure Awaits

    I just saw this! ... And while I'm sure someone's responded privately, here's my response: QUESTIONS: ~ Where is the best place to learn about the current state, and backstory of: SoMi? There is a wealth of information available for you, either through going through past messages, reading the...
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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    Earlier I posted that the Human introduction was lacking, and posted a replacement. Here is a version 2 of that same suggestion (with a little polish.) Human "Humans don't have one defined culture or history in Fortannis. You are just as likely to find humans mining with Dwarves as streaking...
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    2019 Donations

    Are you still only looking for neutral colors, or everything?
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    Looking for Volunteers

    For those considering being Tavern Keepers: I would love to help you. I can't commit to the cooking or always being there, but I have many wonderful pewter things you can use. Goblets, tankards, plates, bowls. I can even help you clean them at the end/beginning of the event. It would be a...
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    Chaos Portal MagicItems - Bidding will Open on June 6th at Noon(ish) update with close

    "He thinks you have little gold left to bid with, that it is a sign you are nearing the end of your stamina. Prove him wrong, Val."
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    Chaos Portal MagicItems - Bidding will Open on June 6th at Noon(ish) update with close

    I am withdrawing from the bidding. These are good items, just not for me. Good luck everyone.
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    The Dragon Hoard is always looking for Copper and Silver. We will pay you the next step up for 9 pieces of either. -Joseph
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    So let's talk about Steepfall (what'd we call it again?)

    Banradi- Thank you for that. As soon as I build some reinforced housing, I may need your ability to transfer families en masse. Lord Lukas might want to transfer military units in groups for safety purposes. Blue- Don't sweat it. We're all learning as we go. I also like "Sarr's Hollow" as a...
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    So...I have gas.

    So noted. ...I take it you don't have gas? -Joseph
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    Looking for Cure Wounds potions.

    Adventurers! ... Yeah, really not a whole lot to creatively add to this. Potions. I want them. I'll give you a fair price on them. This is part of the Steepfall effort. I'd prefer donations, but I'll start out this way if it works better. -Joseph Smith
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    So...I have gas.

    Adventurers, I have been known to overshare at times. This isn't one of those times. I have a bunch of gas globes (but could still use more) and now I'm looking for Gas Traps to make better use of them. If you, or a "friend" you know, can provide Gas Traps I'm looking to buy. If you have the...
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    Chaos Portal Groups-Look at me!!

    I was there, both times.
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    So let's talk about Steepfall (what'd we call it again?)

    As an update: Celestial Guild: I have spoken to Guildmaster Gend of the Celestial Guilds. As of yet, he does not believe anyone should officially be in charge of the Celestial Guild of Steepfall because there isn't much of a guild there to manage, or surroundings to serve. I still intend to...
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    Highlights from May 31- June 2!

    My top 5: 5: The realization that a 90 point slay is probably overkill in most instances. 4: Lighting the stoop. 3: Being offered a title and being like "...hmm. Maybe. I'll think about it." 2: Helping inspire the group after the failed Chaos portal mission for a second try. 1: "Take me...