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    Festivities and Celebration

    Hello people, Grok here. ...Can you hear me? Yes I did resurrect ok at a different circle. I hope all of you were safe on the Isles. I hear there is a Tournament festival thing going on. I will be hosting for a small fee, like a silver or something, a fire gathering. After dinner, during the...
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    Ashban adventurers hear me!

    Don't go hungry at your gather! I shall be coming to you with all the baked goods, meat, and drink I can carry. All for sale!!! I look forward to doing business with you all -Mr. Evenspark
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    October Closer Reminders!

    I got the wipes. All of them.
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    Aug Dinner Poll

    I vote tacos
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    August event pre-registration: closed

    +1 PC for me. +2 NPCs in tow because i like hardmode
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    August event pre-registration: closed

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    August event rules question

    What are the rules mechanics for the "morph"?
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    July event pre-registration: CLOSED

    LOGISTICS NOTICE: If you PC'd this past weekend at CT, NJ, or NH. Please bring your card. It will most likely be more up to date then what I have in my database.
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    tournament event and rules?

    Toddo there are other ways
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    Logistics Donation Drive 2014

    Everything that we were out or dangerously low has been ordered. Thank you to those that donated :)
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    Late Bell Snacks

    Grok Likes cheese with toast that's nice and warm. I also would like strawberries. they're tiny and i can make funny faces with them.
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    Logistics response and character transfers 5/28 - 6/7

    For those needing to go to an event next weekend or the weekend after that please get me your requests as soon as you know you will be attending if you haven't already. I will be in the process of packing up, moving, and unpacking as soon as I get back from HQ this weekend.
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    May event preregistration CLOSED

    Hey all, it's never too early to prelogist. 3 already have.
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    "Smokers Guild"

    If this is something you wish to do on a Friday of an event pending I don't have a metric ton worth of work to do I'll be glad to give you all a hand.
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    april event favorites

    I don't know where to begin. This event has so much stuff I enjoyed and loved. In no particular order -Hearing thanks from everyone on oog stuff i did for them. I run logistics for you, YES YOU! Your thanks and happiness (and montage videos from Donna) are my motivation and fuel. -Personal...