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    July 9-11 Pre-Registration List

    hey all im amking a valid effort to be there so i can go an swing pipe with the rest of you NPCs. I just need to figure out a ride scenario and stuff. So just so you know you guys might have an extra NPC make do your bidding. I just have to make sure I get sleeping space as well :) Unfortunately...
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    Reserving Sleeping Space

    sorry! used to NPC camp with a building. Okay yeah Im gonna need to post around for a tent to share. crap crap crap...
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    Fortannis short story book: Stories wanted

    Re: Fortannis short story book: Contribute: DEADLINE 8/1 totally interested Mike! It sounds awesome! Ill be brainstorming like crazy. expect an email from me shortly
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    Female Armor

    I love playing a fighter but i agree...female armor=hard to find
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    Looking for a ride

    I dont know if I should post this under a new topic but hell.... i need a ride too. if anyone would like to kidnap me from the paltz for the july catskills event that would rock. (new paltz Ny btw) call me at 845 514 3526 Des aka Lampe