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    Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (Console Gaming)

    My psn name is Matverage
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    Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (Table Top RPGS)

    Matt F. Pathfinder (first edition because I'm old) or Monster of the Week Any 3-5 Weekday evenings (Eastern Time)
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    Registration for February 1-Day - A Debt Unpaid

    Just a reminder that the deadline for the Early Registration discount is only three days away. Lisa and I are getting very excited about running this Event for you all and having a solid headcount will be very helpful to us. Also if anyone is thinking of NPCing, please get registered in the...
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    Ritual Madness!

    A few people have approached me quietly about getting rituals cast. If there are others who need things done but won't be present when we gather there is still time to let me know. This would be an excellent time to acquire an Enchant Scroll or three and some mana from the kingdom to have some...
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    Ritual Madness!

    My adventuring friends, the Celestine are offering us a unique opportunity to make use of their home and their Circles of Power near the end of the November. This affords us the chance to focus our efforts toward casting a significant number of rituals in a single evening and moreover with a...
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    Formalist Needed

    Regarding the difficulty of the rituals to be cast, the the difficulty of Summon Extra Planar Creature can vary considerably in depending on what the caster seeks to summon. Would it be safe to say that the casters would need to have the skill to cast a ritual such as "March of the Untiring" or...
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    Goals for the Gathering

    The Order of the Emerald Flame has unearthed the location of two Oni. I would like to see both of them destroyed. -Mathis
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    Thoughts on the Rumors

    While I know a great deal about what is going on in the lands, I admit some of the rumors circulating are a mystery to me. Here is what insight I can share, I welcome others to add to this knowledge: I don't know anything about golems from Foundry The Unhindered Lands are the lands to the...
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    Goals for the Gathering

    My friends, I know that there are many things people may wish to accomplish before the snows blow. If you wish assistance with anything now would be a good time to discuss your plans. I for one hope to look into the Oni further, learn more of Jared Silverstar's plans, and hopefully make some...
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    The Oni and Stonerest

    There in lies the problem with the Oni, there are multiple types and variations. I can provide you with some information and I hope that others will fill in some blanks Information Common to Oni at Large They are Extraplanar Creatures, currently living on the Wall of Order which creates the...
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    The Oni and Stonerest

    My friends, this past gathering brought to light that the Oni within and now outside of Stonerest can no longer be ignored. We've dabbled in addressing this issue for some time, a number of times making assaults to weaken them but never finishing the job, but if something is not done soon, this...
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    Looking for Locks

    I will try to remember to grab the pile of locks we have sitting around the house. -Matt
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    The terms "Build Points", "experience points", and "XP" are used interchangeably. The correct term in the 2.0 Rules is "XP". The terms "Components" and "Reagents" are both used in the description of Formal Magic to describe the same items. "Goblin Stamps" are referred to as "Goblin Stamps" and...
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    Accessing your Character on the CMA

    The Character Management Application (CMA for short) is the application which your Alliance LARP Characters will be tracked in starting with the 2.0 Rules. It will replace the local Chapter databases and allow Players hands on control when it comes to managing their Characters. It also makes...
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    I have yet to receive any suggestions for a town name, except for those proposed by Naomi. If you wish to provide a suggestion please get it to me before the end of this week so that one can be chosen in short order. -Sir Mathis