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    Long lost sailor heading into port...

    Danke, cousin. I 'ave some t'ing I need to leave in yo' keepin', but ah may need use of a sword an' shield if y'ave one to spare. Ah can offah up some Celestial 'craftin services if ya got de scroll an' component ya need fo' it. For all ah know your a right powerful castah yo'self but ah offah...
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    Long lost sailor heading into port...

    Dang, don' tell me ah missed mah headin' again. I gotta quit drinkin' an' navigatin' de mists at de same time. Ah well, t'anks for de warnin' an' ah'll make mahself known to de local Bandoliah o' course soon as ah figure out which way ah'm headed. ~Raif
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    Long lost sailor heading into port...

    Any ol' friends o' Raif's still wanderin' in d'ese here parts? Chicken Leg? Arranin? Barring d'at, any Familia got room by de fire for one a long way from home? ~Raif Dandelion
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    April Fools Teaser

    Whew! And to think I had gone ahead and planned on coming up for it since it said there was more gypsy turmoil brewing, but since it was a joke I guess I won't have to after all! That was close. ~Jeff
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    Game Day - March 24, Battleground State Park,

    Game at Battleground again? Man, as though I already wasn't wishing I was back in Pdx right now, I'm willing to bet I could still run the loop trail blindfolded at that site. Not that it was a great site, but damn did we play there a lot for a while. Hope it goes well, missing you guys! Jeff...
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    National Event 2012 If you are looking for a midwest located camp you should consider using this one. The Evil Game That Is Not To Be Named used it for a week long event this past august and it was great. I've attended an event there with 80+ PC's and 30+ npc's...
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    Auction for the Dinner

    How soon should winners be expectin' to 'ear 'bout all auction final bids, an' 'ow soon are you 'xpectin payments to be made? ~Raif
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    Necklace of Cure Critical and Serious Wounds

    12 gold Ralph Dandelion
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    Can you post up the website addy? Don't have it bookmarked and I'm lazy so searching through posts for it is right out :D. Thanks!
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    headcount for tavern-Feb event!

    I will be there, and would like to partake of the vittles.
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    Want to gobbie a BUNCH of event??

    David, I don't know how often you get told this, but thank you so much for all the stuff you are doing along these lines both IG and OOG. You are one of the key things that is turning our game into an international economy, and seeing someone put in this much work towards building their chapter...
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    He's always worry'in 'bout me, chere. Ah'm jus' so big an' juicy.... ~Raif
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    Looting Undead?

    Honestly, unless you got death rogues runnin' 'round up d'ere (an' dey might, not sayin' dey not) den you prob'ly got someone panda lootin' yo' buddies an' pointin' at de undead. Ah would like to speak wit' you 'bout "lootin' bands o' Rom" an' see if ah can't help ya wit' dis problem, one way...
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    Those of Moria, Caldaria, Deadlands, Ashbury and Vandlar::

    Re: Those of Moria, Caldaria, Deadlands, Ashbury and Vandlar To be fair, she did say d'at de whole reason dis "noble" did such a terrible t'ing was due to greed, so mah guess is dat was what he was a'dressin'. An' ah'm not gonna go all a'preachin about "Oh, a lying noble, big surprise", but ah...
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    Those of Moria, Caldaria, Deadlands, Ashbury and Vandlar::

    Re: Those of Moria, Caldaria, Deadlands, Ashbury and Vandlar Put your coin to work, put out a call fo' as many one-use "Hobling nuh-uhs" as we like to call 'em. Den you don' 'ave to worry 'bout de Obliterations or Deaths 'neithah. Might be worth a try anyway. ~Raif