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    Item Conversion Questions

    Okay so I found this: and this: which seem to indicate that yes, Endure Elements can go on an item. Looks like the...
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    Item Conversion Questions

    As part of my item conversion I'm looking to add an Endure Elements ritual. In 1.3 this was listed as Body target only, but the converter tool lists Body or Item (Any). Could someone confirm that items are now a valid target for Endure Elements or inform me that the tool is wrong?
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    First build help?

    It looks like I'm a little late to this convo, but I'll throw in my 2 copper anyway. My primary character is a Celestial Spellsword with a Longbow. (I had a short sword for a while as well due to some RP choices but with the 2.0 switchover I dropped that.) I was a Spellsword (well, Templar)...
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Hi, apologies if this has already been noted, but the text of Enhanced Blade on page 129 has a contradiction:
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    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    Just paid for: - Mike Guarino event membership - Mike Guarino to play Ketemycos Kailanos - Susie Guarino event membership - Susie Guarino to play Kialda Loa :)
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    Summons from Sir Jonothan

    ((If you've heard Ket's voice before, you recognize it. It's oddly muted and distorted.)) Sir Jonothan, your message comes clear to my ears, and it is welcome. Yours is the first familiar voice I've heard for some time. I have been adrift in the mists for quite a while now, in realms unknown to...
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    October Ashbury event pre-registration

    Couldn't find a place to add a note to the payment, but just paid for me to play Ketemycos Kailanos at the Oct HQ event! Psyched to finally be able to LARP again!
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    Adventurers needed!

    ((Can't see your sig, sorry! I guess it doesn't show up on mobile?))
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    Adventurers needed!

    While I wholly commend and encourage these efforts, it appears that the dreamscape has distorted your voice. Who is speaking? - Sir Ketemycos Kailanos First Knight of Corrheim
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    Poker Game

    I'm glad there will be a bit of merriment in Fairedale. We certainly need it of late. I will not be able to attend, as my efforts assisting the refugees will keep me away, so Baron Grim or Tinder or somebody else in red and black will have to take your money in my stead. - Ket
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    September event pre-registration (Ashbury Sept 16-18)

    Mike Guarino to NPC! :)
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    In Memory of Dame Kailani

    There is a void, an ache inside me like which I have never before known. Kai, you were there for me, always. Whenever I needed you. Through the terrible moments, through the times I had nothing left but your love. You were the one who understood, when Pyatt used us, and made us a part of his...
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    Name the New Cabin!

    Throwing in my 2 copper for: - Cabin McCabinFace - Sphinx - Manticore - Minotaur
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    Bacon and muffins.

    Make extra, they will sell.
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    May pre-registration

    Susie Guarino to PC Nikhujo, Mike Guarino to NPC!