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    To Asyl and, specifically, the "arrogantly rude dark elf"...

    Re: To Asyl and, specifically, the "arrogantly rude dark elf Kraelore, I Believe I am still owed payment for a certain green crystal which I recovered for you some time ago. It is regretable that we lost touch for so long. I am happy to know you are still fighting the good fight. I will...
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    "And again, I feel like this is a anti-realism problem. When the treasure is handed to us at the end, it feels so much like a vending machine, not a reward. The ability to search creatures isn't always there due to different circumstances. Why should we get treasure for that? Thieves are a...
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    Assistance in June

    Hey Tadron, I will be at the gathering in June. I am coming to kill that dragon of yours. I can cast many life spells from memory, and guess what...YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ME TO DO IT! That's right, sir! I will be keeping people alive at no cost to you or your peoples. However, if I decide to...
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    A call to arms

    I am on my way. I shall see you all soon. William Cross
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    2010 Schedule

    Tom, Will there be running water at the feb/march, and oct/nov events?
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    The Disbanding of Natasha's Malice (AKA - Malice)

    Dark Elves? Really? Honestly? Wouldn't the best idea be to just give them what they want and find a new place to live? Forgive me, I know not of Dark Elf culture, I know only that their sticks a pointy and sharp. Also, most Dark Elves are really good at using their sharp, pointy sticks...
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    The Disbanding of Natasha's Malice (AKA - Malice)

    And also, don't say "broke up". That's going to give people the impression that we were all "together" and that's just creepy. But not creepy in the Ex way. Creepy in a whole other way. William Cross
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    The Disbanding of Natasha's Malice (AKA - Malice)

    I am a very nice person. What happened to your name? There are far too many letters in your name now. It borders on ridiculous. Also, I do not know if Ex knows "EVERYTHING about the potatoes" but he sure is creepy. Not that "creepy" is bad per say, just a little strange. All I am saying is, if...
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    Weekend Wrap!

    A big thank you first to THE GARDEN CITY ALL STARZ for showing up again and completely rocking the house!!! As always you guys are the biggest reason people were entertained all weekend!!! Great Job!!! Second, a big thank you to the players who showed up, I know a few of you drove a long way...
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    The Event...

    Paul, Thomas, Laura, and Roy- You guys all did a fantastic job! I had a great time this weekend. Thank you very much for a terrific Alliance-LARP event. Hope to see you next time. Mitchel
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    "propper Authorities"

    To whom it may concern, :::::: Unsanctioned Ritual Magics: The act of engaging in any ritual magics, creation of a circle, node of power, magic item, undead, use of waystone without seeking proper authorities. :::::: Please consider yourselves sought. I do. William Cross Malice
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    Odd Happenstance

    Jara, Can you recall what color the eyes were? William Cross Malice
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    A State of Emergency

    Effram Rockfist, I am on my way to you now. I should be there by Friday of next week. As always, I am prepared for war. The creatures that have been described sound a lot like beings called Brood. If that is the case than I know we are in for some good times. I know you probably...
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    Who is in charge around here?

    To the new adventurers in the lands of Bel’Aroth, I do apologize for any confusion that you ran into during this past weekend. Please allow me to clear up what I can. First, my name is Granger. I am the writer, editor, and publisher of the Prath-Moore Gazette. I am now also the newly...