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    March 2020 Season Opener Favorite Moments!

    Oh my god, so much. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed playing my alt character... finally. Due to primarily not knowing common, I got a fair bit of use from mental abilities and it was fantastic. The rogue gameplay is really fun for me. My interactions with a lot people, even celestialists, was...
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    March Dish Shifts

    Sure I'll take the help, I'll also do Sunday then
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    March Dish Shifts

    I'll take Friday Dinner and Saturday Breakfast
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    August 2019 Opener FAVORITE MOMENTS

    -Seshiok's Sword -The last 4 Seshiok fights -Archibald spending so much money to build 2 traps to make a dam to stop blight in the lake. -Honestly, ressing again was great. -Getting scared af by some Cicada hitting my face and veing like wtf -The LCoP plan, definitely doing that again -The...
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    MARCH CLOSER!!!! March 8-10th

    Friday, and both breakfasts please.
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    November 2018 Favorite Moments!!

    Nikil is great SO MANY PANTHERGHASTS!! Best drink worst drink! Heckin crunch til 5am "This is Ileeeegal!" "You're Ileeeeegal!" Watching a fae get shamed out of the tavern The interplay of Ara and Oli ressing Saren
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    September 2018 Favorite Moments!!!

    Let's see here - First and foremost being able to run around like I did without too much pain in my knee was amazing - The resurrection mod was fantastic and I would like to see more of them for a bit personally to set down pat how to perform a resurrection for all of our healers - The festival...
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    August Favorite Moments!

    It was under control, he was shunned and binded, you just made the running away easier.
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    August Favorite Moments!

    -I'm super excited that I got an investment scroll and have most of the components for it -The fun times Friday night -The promoter was fantastic. I OWE YOU NOTHING! -Accidental fae deals -My very very special feesh that will not be eaten till a very very special time -The Cinderlord gathering...
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    December Event Feedback/Best Moments

    I loved the weekend,and apologize for so many out of game questions. My favorite thing was the healer's guild trial mod, and one of the NPC's asking what vorpal coating did, and him getting told "You'll know when it happens." Some more of my favorite memories from this event are the...