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    Members of Alliance

    What constitutes a "small group of owners"? Are all of the owners free to publicly discuss their perspectives without reprisal?
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    Thank you. :) Compared to the folks involved in handling the real logistics of the loot split, I did very little, though. Shower them with continual tips and affection.
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    Officially, winners have until Tadeusz goes to bed Saturday night to pay their due. Earlier is obviously more convenient, but that's the last moment. An effort will be made to locate the designated alternate for anyone who misses the deadline between that time and the start of the auction...
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    Nov Auction Lot #6 (of 18): (Earth) Quicken Aid

    Sadly, your last bid doesn't count, Mortikai. The deadline was midnight. The winner is Amory, for 5 gold.
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    Quick clarification on Proxies: It's nothing super formal. If something comes up and you can't make it to game, having someone else make the exchange on your behalf is acceptable. Just have them clarify that the coin is from you for (stuff) when they talk to Tadeusz.
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    Quick reminder that we are in the last few days of the scroll auction from last game! Get your bids in before the end of Wednesday, any post timestamped for Thursday will not be considered valid. Also, please make sure you plan to either be at game or have a proxy who can make the exchange on...
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    In-character, on the appropriate thread. Well that's less than ideal... I think it's probably liveable, since folks have 3 weeks to get things sorted? Let's circle back on this once the dust has settled and see if it was awful (and what might be done about it, and whether that doesn't...
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    Nov Auction Lot #1 (of 18): (General) Heroic Interception

    This ritual is cast on a weapon or shield. Being able to save your friends and comrades from injury is truly wonderful, but what if you could do it while also not dying? I know that personally, not dying is one of my favorite hobbies. Once you have a weapon or shield empowered by this scroll...
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    Nov Auction Lot #2 (of 18): (General) Preserve Duration

    What's better than creating items that empower you to save the innocent, slay the wicked, and keep the land whole? Making those items last five times longer. If you cast a set of rituals at once, and then cast this ritual on the same item at the end, all of the rituals in the batch have their...
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    Nov Auction Lot #3 (of 18): (General) Battlemage's Strike

    This ritual is cast on a weapon. When it gets cold out like this, it can be difficult to manipulate mana effectively - your fingers don't always want to do precisely what you tell them to. In these kinds of situations, the best solution is to get a weapon enchanted with this ritual and...
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    Nov Auction Lot #4 (of 18): (General) Elemental Manipulation

    This is ritual produces a "Times Ever" effect. Here's an effect that is simple, but extremely powerful if used with some cunning - especially with the void thugs running around being unaffected by all kinds of things. This ritual allows the user to cast a spell from memory as if it were a...
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    Nov Auction Lot #5 (of 18): (General) Arcane Armor

    You probably don't need me to tell you how awesome this ritual is. One of the simplest workhorse rituals in the adventuring lexicon, this scroll gives a person all the benefits of wearing armor without all the bother of actually wearing armor, as well as the ability to refit it without learning...
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    Nov Auction Lot #6 (of 18): (Earth) Quicken Aid

    Be aware that there are 3 of these scrolls up for auction, in separate lots. The ability to stabilize people with First Aid is one of the most versatile abilities in adventuring life. I've seen people stabilize fellow adventurers, people who are under the effect of alchemical enslavement...