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    August 2019 Opener FAVORITE MOMENTS

    Hey guys! Let's get those favorite moments.
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    March 2019 ~ Favorite moments!!

    Boy oh, boy. Where to start. I had a LOT of fun this event, though I really wished I had spent more time interacting with the new characters. First and foremost; the new dwarf PC who approached Sandro and asked "Are you well, Warrior?" This quote has been repeated aboit 56 times since on the...
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    July Favorite moments!!!

    I had such a blast this game. Where to begin. Elisandra Vs. Saren TEACHER BATTLE. 10/10 would recommend. "One duckling, two duckling, three duckling." The part where Lilliana tells Arrafae to NOT eat another Fey-grape. And then Saren gives her another Fey-grape. THE HECCKING LION JELLY...
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    August 17 favored moments!

    Hi! Sandro here, from the Kansas Chapter. I had so much fun at this event that it's really, really difficult to pick a few of my favorites, but here goes! - FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Especially with Peat Moss, who saved Sandro within the first hour of Lay On. - Sandro getting his face eaten. -...