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    ETHERCROFT - Race and World Information

    ----- Changelog- Edit 1: Included a space for the incomplete Badgerkyn packet, co-written by Daniel Armstrong. Edit 2: added link to Brogdar, Badgerkyn Packet. Title changed to reflect the release of the World packet. World Packet added. . Edit 3: added Ethercroft World Map
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    ETHERCROFT - Race and World Information

    <TBA, part 2>
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    ETHERCROFT - Race and World Information

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    ETHERCROFT - Race and World Information

    Hey guys! Get excited. Here's our race packets for the Ethercroft Campaign. As more race packets are developed by players and by the plot team, they will be posted here on this post. Information given by these packets are not obvious in-game knowledge, unless you are playing the race in...
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    [IC - 7] One Bad Apple spoils the Bunch

    _______ in Hearth, Jhonas continues his teachings. _______REGION: EMBERSHORE _______Below the towering visages of Coldvein, lays the scorched carcass of Embershore. In many ways, Embershore is a graveyard. These lands are littered with the charred remains of the eastern side of the Foxfire...
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    [IC - 3] A little learning. . .

    _______ Instead of finding Jhonas at his desk to give a speech, the Branded seeking information on Ethercroft find the following document in large, neat stacks for them to take. _______ GREATER NEXUS: FERRUM _______ Nestled in the forests of Urok’Dar, lies the Greater Nexus of Ferrum...
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    [IC - 2] Roil Sickness.

    _______The second seminar given by Scribe Jhonas was a fairly full building, much to the Scribe’s surprise. He spent the better part of thirty minutes handing out block-printed scriptures to each of the newly Branded members. He cleared his throat, before beginning softly. _______“Good...
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    Alliance Kansas Ethercroft Campaign

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    Alliance Kansas Ethercroft Campaign

    MARCH ETHERCROFT WORLD PACKET RELEASE TIMELINE: 'Regions' are world articles that will hold information about an area, as one might expect! 'Nexus' are hubs of activities on the world. The easiest way to look at it, is like cities and the like, though not many settlements are large enough to be...
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    [IC - 1] Welcome to Ethercroft.

    ________ Aberdeen Jhonas' arm struggles under the weight of his blade. His blood felt heavy in both of his arms, one clutching his worn, iron shortsword, and the other twisting into symbols to draw the arcane to himself. His vision was blurry, but he could still discern the plumed helmet of his...
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    Alliance Kansas Ethercroft Campaign

    Hey dudes! Its me, its your best friend Nick. You might recognize me as the portrayer of the dashing, definately not depressed Rogue Sandro, or the satirical sass-Warlock Saren. I also play a bug that whacks people? Anyway, im here to give a little bit of information about Alliance Kansas's...
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    August 2019 Opener FAVORITE MOMENTS

    Hey guys! Let's get those favorite moments.
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    March 2019 ~ Favorite moments!!

    Boy oh, boy. Where to start. I had a LOT of fun this event, though I really wished I had spent more time interacting with the new characters. First and foremost; the new dwarf PC who approached Sandro and asked "Are you well, Warrior?" This quote has been repeated aboit 56 times since on the...
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    July Favorite moments!!!

    I had such a blast this game. Where to begin. Elisandra Vs. Saren TEACHER BATTLE. 10/10 would recommend. "One duckling, two duckling, three duckling." The part where Lilliana tells Arrafae to NOT eat another Fey-grape. And then Saren gives her another Fey-grape. THE HECCKING LION JELLY...
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    August 17 favored moments!

    Hi! Sandro here, from the Kansas Chapter. I had so much fun at this event that it's really, really difficult to pick a few of my favorites, but here goes! - FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Especially with Peat Moss, who saved Sandro within the first hour of Lay On. - Sandro getting his face eaten. -...