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    SF needs NPC's

    So, apparently Alliance SF is really wanting to epic things up as far as battles for the last three events Mike owns the chapter: August 10-12 September 7-9 November 9-11 If you want to escape the NW this fall and go see what the Bay Area is like instead, this might be a good thing.
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    November Event 2011!!

    Korray and Zach will be NPCing
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    Menu for NPC/Staff/Buy ins

    Food! there will be some. NPC's and working staff get it as part of their weekend price, but PC's can buy in for $20 for the full weekend meal plan! Friday evening - lasagna Green salad Garlic bread Saturday Morning - Scrambled eggs Pancakes Fresh Fruit Bacon (regular and turkey)...
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    Cook for our NPCs!

    you have 2 lactose intolerants on the staff. Other than thatm, no one reported any problems last game.
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    Goblin Points

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    Goblin Points

    There is no explicite policy dissallowing it.
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    SF long event, July 1-4.

    Just think of the Califgornia border crossing! You could get by with any fruits or vegetables you want!
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    Great event!

    Thanks, JP! Gotta say, it was great seeing so many new and returning people and chatting with many of you. It has been a while since I was coming to games, and seeing the wonderful growth the chapter is going through makes me quite happy. I look forward to meeting more of you as we go forward.
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    Hi, Everybody!

    It was good to meet a bunch of the new players this past weekend. Thanks for coming out! I know I missed closing, but I had teenaged NPC's who were small, crunchy pieces of toast by the time it was over. See you all in February! Or sooner. Said teens want some fighter practices and game...
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    Help solving a comic book debate

    Draw - As Sup fights, the Hulk gets stronger, but neither would, ultimately, win... Unless you're talking evil Sup from the Dark Knight titles, then Hulk is in space and I don't think he can stay mad when he can't breathe ;)
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    Waylay tips

    A discussion has begun on this very topic on the owners' board. There is some feeling that removing the requirement for waylay and thrusting tips would be met with a lot of protest by the player base and that it would be seen as too much change too quickly. After thought I agree with the...
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    Waylay tips

    The eliumination of waylay tips was discussed. I will look through the posts tomorrow and give a summary of the rationale and arguments.
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    Waylay tips

    I think I can pretty clearly state that it was not the intention of this owner to allow for non-latex weapons withouth thrusting and waylay tips.
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    Rules change on DA weapons

    Hello Alliance! I am pleased to present the following rules change approved by the Alliance Chapter Owners: The Damage Aura ritual will be changed to remove all reference to the blade glowing white. Your weapon must in every other way pass inspection and the rules of your local chapter. What...