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    Character builder spreadsheet tool

    You have to Manually 'sell back' the critical attacks and buy the Weapon Prof, that's why it comes out to 15 build=)
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    How to Work a Plotline 6: How to Complain

    Also, speaking as a writer on anther lARP and a long time player. Your complaint will be better heard if you send it when you're not angry. After doing all of the steps Trace suggested, write out your complaint...and then leave it for a day, maybe two. Come back to it and RE-READ it before...
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    June 17 favored moments!

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    June 17 favored moments!

    Wow, what a great game and a great way to return from a partially intended, but longer than intended break! I had an amazing time RPing with you, seeing how the game has grown and evolved...and the Production Values, just wow. I had so many interesting and meaningful encounters this event and...
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    Database Update Received!

    Sunny, Mac doesn't control initial access to the database, that's handled by National, (The same people who manage this forum and website) not the individual logistics folks. All Mac can do is upload data, the National folks have to give you permission to view it=)
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    May 416 Favorite Moments

    Great event for me over all * First full game as a knight and it met my expectations, lost of interesting RP came out of people figuring out how to relate to Ri with that change. * The Fae mod, I really loved being able to come into my own character wise and the gray morality of that event...
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    Looking to be a MWE-Allergic to spirit gum. :(

    Some of the elves in Denver use items like these: that work pretty good and require no adhesive.
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    NPC Shifts for MOD DAY

    Jesse, what time do you want all dayers to show up in the morning?
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    Mod Days!!!

    Jesse, what if we only want to Volunteer one of the days to NPC is that an option to allow more people and opportunity to NPC if they want to?
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    New Food Ticket Policy!

    If Jack decides to do so after this season, I'm happy to add it to the site. until than consider the dinner a contribution to Alliance CO and enjoy the breakfasts!=)
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    Costuming Questions for New Player

    Where did you purchase it from? Is it steel or Aluminum? It looks to be about 15 to 18 gauge but it's hard to tell from the picture.
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    October 415 - Masquerade Ball and Walk of the Dead - Questions

    Tiatar will be hosting the Masquerade and Walk of the Dead again this year. This thread is for OOC questions regarding the event, you can see the IC post here.
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    October 415 - Masquerade Ball and Walk of the Dead

    Come one come all Noble, Adventurer and commoner alike to the annual masquerade ball and walk of the dead festival hosted by the Barony of Tiatar. The event will be held in the Deep Jug Tavern at 8 bells, following dinner. Games, food, Music, dancing and festivities will abound. The gathering...
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    September 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, & IBGAs!

    Still in a daze from this weekend but I had an amazing time. Chaos elemental fight, tons of fun with the mixed emotions and challenging! Tourney wrestling tons of fun, I was really happy I made that. OMG Knit Dolls! RP, so much good RP, Getting Engaged, Discussing the code of Chivalry and code...
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    Vermin Huntin

    My Mistake Goodman Belias the Royal Trapper had stated that he would be returning with traps so I made the assumption! However, the offer of help remains none the less.