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    Searching for Permenancy Catalyst

    Binks, Feel free to reach out sooner, I would rather have an idea of the arrangement you might seek. As it will allow you to know that much sooner if I could manage it. Squire Ragnerok, That is good to know that such may be an option. I will inquire further at our next market Gathering. -...
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    The Olothen Attack in 2 weeks

    25 dagger blows is a lot to protect against, and with the possibility if it being potentially massive weapon swings, there is no magic to protect against it. However usually such individuals and monsters can be manipulated by various support magics. To give an idea not only of what spells may...
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    Late November Solar Services

    As the weather continues to turn and even the Kingdom's enimies buckle down for the winter; this will be the last opportunities before The King's Feast for services and hands on education from The Solar Guild. Additionally keeping in mind various need before the impending attack of the...
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    Searching for Permenancy Catalyst

    I have begun a search to obtain "The Essence of a FallingStar" however with so few FallingStars and the numerous changes to scrolls and their catalysts it is an assumption that the Catalyst for that ritual may shift to align with the new age of magic. Should this new Catalyst be discovered or...
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    Extra staff

    Got you...
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    Castle Event Credit

    I have been asking around and discovered that a number of people have recieved their event credit while a number of other people have not. I figured the most likely cause of this is due to a number of travelers; the staff may not know the names for everyone. So I figured I would start a post...
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    Early November Solar Services

    This market it will be even more imperative that those who may desire or need the aid of Celestial Magic attempt to plan in advance. Ritual Services will be easier to manage shortly after initial arrival. Especially for those who may need last minute castings before anything happening the...
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    October Castle Favorites

    In no particular order past the first..... * #MurderInTheDark <3 William and Matt -- * the sewer fight was long.... dredging even. It was fun to have fun with it. Not to mention the NPCs going to get bottles of water, but having the PCs need to kill and loot them to get said water. * castle...
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    Workshop of Convience

    Q1 - Permence The target of the ritual is a workshop, thus making it permanent binds the character to never being able to leave said workshop. However, every WoC I have seen thus far (Chicago, SoMi, SoMN) has been represented by a prop. Be it shoes, keys, bag/box etc. Thus representing...
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    Pre Reg Reminders

    There are a couple Pre-reg which have used the MI number for their magic items. Please adjust your pre-reg to the <item> number. Example: MI10029 = not needed K07dh7= needed This is only a short term thing until the CMA programs your MI for you. Additionally, if you have magic - you need...
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    Dragonfall Favorites

    This was my 3rd attendance to SoMi, and having enjoyed the previous visits so much - Beryl and I insisted that others from our area join us. So with that we got to introduce 4 of our local players to the pure awesome that is SoMi game and playerbase and I was overjoyed at how much they enjoyed...
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    Pre Reg Reminders

    As pre registration opens today in the CMA, please remember 4 things... 1) delete any part of the pre reg that is not needed for your registration. It makes sorting through and printing your information that much easier and conserves ink and paper by not printing things that are not needed 2)...
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    Bad OOG Ritual Flaws/Backlashes

    As a person whom benefited from this marshal call, I can say I appreciate it. The "supernatural mystic depression for remainer of event" would have just been a "go home" for me. The flaw I was given instead was a lot of fun to portray and I was thankful for the judgement call, likewise...
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    I sent this over to matt on discord, but to ensure I didn't forget anyone: npc Saturday night Derek S - Sam Gemclipper Dani c - Isabo Ib - Rengar Andrew N - Rusty Morgan M - Ten Clean up at healer house Dani Derek Myself
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    Because I will be bringing my CPAP this event, and will be removing my makeup friday night - Depending on time of stuff, I might be free to do some stuff Late Friday or Early Saturday.