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    Magic, perhaps cursed, Mirrors

    That I largely wouldn't discover more details until the time was right. MtW has been taking painstaking effort to keep information from BM. So I have a small object spirit linked to me which is a benign price to pay to ensure that I find out when the time is right and the magic the mirror...
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    Magic, perhaps cursed, Mirrors

    Mirror accounting; I am in possession of a Purple Glittery Mirror, it is spirit linked to me until I assist with something called "The Ritual of Purification" These small mirrors have been found and are in possession of several adventurers who spoke with MtW, and agreed to assist in said...
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    A Final Request before this Weekend

    Evodia-Beryl; I have one you can borrow to spellcraft from. I might even have a set closely tied to the lands I may be willing to sell should I have an extra one. -shen <sent via mobile>
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    Viktor Hook

    From my perspective... A noble house has not been lost or fallen, nor will it for some time. A once great man fell to hubris, and in true Earth Scholar fashion his fall matched his rise and created as much death as he did life - as they must always find balance. However he has gone to far and...
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    Viktor Hook

    I know very bare bones information. As some may know, I end up being "the idea person" and not the "but how do we make it work" person. Rusty (@Andrew Nelson ) has taken a a rather grandiose and insane idea and has been working with Eve (@tennyo.san ) and @Ractor as well as various other...
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    Oak of the Archmage & Flexible Casting

    In an attempt to likely over explain my perspective and how I reached it... Flexible casting allows you to alter 1 spell in memory for a signature spell of lower level to be also cast from memory. If it were not a "From memory" spell, it would not qualify to be able to be meditated back...
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    Oak of the Archmage & Flexible Casting

    IMO - Flex Casting isn't fueling an ability. It alters how another ability works. Spell Casting is the Ability. You either can cast what you memorized or, if you have a flexible mind, can always cast your signature spells regardless what you memorized. "Flex casting" ins't an ability...
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    Traveling Celestial Formalist - Nov

    Hello from beyond the Mists, bound by our Celestial constants and shared dreams; I too will be attempting to travel for the November Market Gathering. If there are local Celestialist, I would enjoy meeting and learning the local customs and nuances of Celestial Magic as you have come to...
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    Oak of the Archmage & Flexible Casting

    I disagree, as you are expending a spell from memory - the skill's requirements have been met. Following example 2, other HM skills specifically allow it, leading to the idea that it not being listed in OotAM was simply an oversight. As Primary Scholar ability, there is no detriment to the...
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    2021 *IMPOTRTANT* Safety Info and Safety Contests & Incentives!

    Hello and greetings adventurers! As talked about in the August Alliance LARP Podcast, self care before-during-after events are crucial to your safety, success, and enjoyment of an event. The Chicago Medical Team would like to take a moment to give you some important allergy information...
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    The Lucky Coin

    My Appologies, I had gone over this coind during the auction however it seemed word of that explanation did not reach everyone. "No need to vision, lore, or dig into any curses which may not exist" is precisely why it is not yet being released for auction. It is an item of strange power and...
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    2021 National Event: Logistics & Volunteer Information

    We are now eight days from our pre-registration deadline of Aug 24th. Pre-registraion is super important to assist multiple parts of the National Event Staff. It is also, important for you.... Your Event check-in will be faster, as everything will be in your player envelope. We will have...
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    August lost and found

    The plane of lost items collects more things!
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    August 6th: *PRE*Registration is now "Regular Registration"

    August 6th, Pre-Registration is now closed. As it is now Wednesday Morning, I am pulling the Pre-Reg Data now. The Logistics team welcomes you to normal Registration. Registration is very important as it allows you to list any magic items into your battle card, and those magic items are...
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    2021 National Event: Logistics & Volunteer Information

    Hello! As we gear up for the 2021 National Event, there are a few things your Logistics Team would like you to know. Keep an eye on the Registration Thread for updates on your status for registration and payment. Ideally CMA registrations need to be 100% completed by Tuesday August 24th...