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    April 29 weekend preregistration CLOSED

    Re: April 29 weekend preregistration Hey, you've got me. Granted, my red hair has gotten less vibrant over the years, but gosh darnit I'm still proud to be a ginger.
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    This comic is pretty awesome. I keep forgetting about it and then finding it again. BLOOD AND THUNDER! VICTORY AT SEA! Gahahaha
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    New Addition to Blythedale

    Congrats guys :)
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    Players having more input upon decisions made by owners

    No popular vote. Fine with me. Wouldn't want one. The fact that those that need to know about the upcoming possible arrow packet change will be informed is good to hear, though I personally had only heard about it on the forums and it has since become obvious it was an unintended leak. Let me...
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    They would if a boffer strikes you in the face and the adhesive doesn't unstick. Good way to lose some teeth. I'd recommend just getting used to talking in a way that doesn't make them fall out. I made mine from friendly plastic and made sure to create enough wiggle room that in the event of a...
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    Players having more input upon decisions made by owners

    I fully support owner's right to decide what ideas would be good for the game. I feel feedback is an important part of the process. I was merely suggesting that players be given the opportunity. It is always harder to correct something after the fact when published material has been released...
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    Players having more input upon decisions made by owners

    That may be true, but the right team of people can handle it like champs. The people at HiRez who did Global Agenda are amazing and have full disclosure. They talk openly and directly to their community base and a couple of them, including the ceo, even troll the forums on occasion. It works for...
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    Oct 1-3 event: Pre-Reg CLOSED, Pre-Logistics CLOSED

    bah... I may not be able to make it. Got a chest cold that won't quit and seems like it's getting worse rather than better. Curse you, microbes! Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll be magically better on Friday.
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: September 2010

    I still say that if he had made a cartoon of an elderly couple watching Chris Matthews on tv saying something akin to what was in that video and put what he said as a caption it wouldn't be much different from a political cartoon. I don't feel it fair to differentiate given the context of this...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: September 2010

    It isn't lying it's portraying a complicated idea in a simplistic form in the context of political satire. Such things lend themselves to exaggeration because that's what gets attention and that's what gets people laughing. Weither or not that is an appropriate way to convey a message is a...
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    Discussion of Marshal Policy

    He's refering to the requirement to build a weapon that passes inspection as pre-requesite to be weapons guy and that you need that before you can be rules guy. If he has truly never been able to make a passing weapon than this would affect his ability to proceed. Though it's not that hard to...
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    Favorite editorial cartoons: September 2010

    What Robb said may not have had a cartoon affixed to it but it is no less valid in context of this thread even if I don't agree with his message. Political satire is not less or more abrasive when put forth in a different medium or stated as personal opinion by someone one knows as opposed to a...
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    Dragon stamp question

    if you check the announcements there's an email specificaly for dragonstamp related goodness. viewtopic.php?f=50&t=6308
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    Weird science

    As a skinny man, I resent what science is implying about me in the bedroom and suggest that science step outside so we can resolve this like men. *rolls up his sleeves*
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    National Event: Contest Winners

    You're new at this? Could have fooled me. Superb job, mate. :)