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    Dark elf makeup requirement change

    My plot team leader mixed purple and gray at the HQ opener and in my opinion, it looked spectacular. The change actually opens up even more options for character design than we had before. Super happy excited about this change.
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    Last minute White Belt needed :)

    Hey everyone, forgive me for the last minute request. I was wondering if anyone had an extra white belt I could borrow. Pretty please :) -Jeremy
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    Plot requires some aid from the players.

    PLOT NEEDS SOME HELP IN OCTOBER!!! Hey everyone, so I've got two announcements for the Alliance HQ October closer event. 1. I will need a dedicated person that plans to be in attendance in October and the 2018 Alliance HQ season, to play a major NPC role. This is going to have a lot of...
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    !!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!

    I'm excited for tonight. Two subjects I'd like to discuss: A visual representation of the chain of command for use in-game. The stigma of NPCing. (Example: I recently had two PCs approach me asking about what it was like to NPC. They strangely believed that monster camp was a bit of a sweat...
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    I've got gear that'll keep me warm and dry in the snow, mate. I'll be chopping wood all winter, around the refugee camps. There's plenty of growth that can be cleared out. -Vincent Tarethial
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    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    "I just got kneel'd to by a Teddy Bear.....I don't know what life is anymore" - Baron Agrasil
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    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    It was an epic closer full of fun and shenanigans. I had a total blast on NPC side, ensuring the game was a total challenge for the PC populace. First thing I wanted to get off my chest was my personal season favorite. It was an honor to play the role of Datura throughout the season, and...
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    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    You folks know what to do. Post your favorite for the 2016 HQ season finale. #Fredrick2017
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    Sprakta report.

    another hero is down, and prior to his demise he stated that he'd be able to push the sprakta back. Does this hold any truth? Vincent Tarethial: requesting any information on newly opened boundaries.....
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    Fave's of September

    Man what a weekend! Great event everyone and great effort from all the Staff and NPCs and Fence Hoppers. You guys really made the weekend epic! In no particular order--> THE FAVORITES! Getting wrapped up in Squire Nuheron's plot. All that strange elf magic! Butting heads with Qui Jun Wu...
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    Second dinner this coming gather

    What would be required and/or requested and I'll gladly provide said materials. Second dinner is always exciting -Vincent
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    September event pre-registration (Ashbury Sept 16-18)

    GF Paid for my event! little brat! Ill be there to PC Vincent, and perform numerous shenanigans
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    August Favorites

    The whole weekend was a blast, and it was really exciting to be able to play the reckless Vincent Tarethial again! :D Before I make the list I just wanted to say thank you to all the PCs and NPCs alike, both new and veteran players. Its an honor to be able to play such a fun exciting LARP with...
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    July favorites

    playing dumb makes for some really compelling arguments. haha
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    July favorites

    10:10 Would Bumblesteed again!