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    To those under the heel of fae or dragonkind, an offer of freedom.

    A word of caution to those who would openly express such things... An enemy is less dangerous when he does not know he is your enemy. -Daedric
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    Greatest High Fantasy Movies

    I could have sworn it was in Mike's original post.
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    Ugh...more math
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    Healing/chaos strike

    I think you're missing the key fact. Healing in the current rules falls under the Earth school of magic. It has nothing to do with the element of stone. Stone is one of the 4 base elements in the Elemental school of magic and has nothing to do with healing. Your confusion illustrates...
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    Magic Item Exchange Question

    Thank you.
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    Magic Item Exchange Question

    I was talking about when the rules change goes into effect. I'm assuming they're going to allow people who spent a lot of time, resources, and energy into manufacturing magic items whose rituals are being deleted to exchange those magic items for an equal number of rituals.
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    Magic Item Exchange Question

    The new rules describe "recommended" ritual exchanges for certain ritual effects that are being removed from the game. Are they proposing that we adhere strictly to the list of recommended exchanges for each ritual, or can we choose from any of the other effects instead? For instance, if...
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    Odd Power Curve

    My primary character never had any wealth or power, mainly because big loot drops (at the time) were handed out on high-powered mods. Being a mid-level character in a long-running chapter dominated by higher level PCs meant that I was scaled out of such mods. And the scaling got worse each...
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    Dryad Racials

    The version I have still doesn't reflect the 1/2 cost dryads are supposed to have for herbal lore, though.
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    Dryad Racials

    The spreadsheet I downloaded has Resist Binding. It's between Racial Resolute and Resist Curse. 5th item on the list of racial abilities.
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    Was the Gift "school" hard to grasp?

    I'm just going to play devil's advocate here. I know this interpretation under the proposed rules is not correct, so don't jump all over me. Here goes... If "death" is a curse, reducing you to -1 body, and requiring you to count 5 minutes before resurrection, is it really an instant...
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    Greatest High Fantasy Movies

    If we are going to start accepting entries that have no actual magic in the film, then The 13th Warrior has to be included.
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    Greatest High Fantasy Movies

    Chronicles of Narnia.
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    character class roles with the new rules

    Yeah. I think that some people just take for granted that there will always be an abundance of gas globes to toss. As a player who's never really spent much build on production skills, I can't honestly say that I can relate with the poor guy who has to actually make all of his own gasses. I...
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    I was about to say that. And... If you go with the other variation, (powerful blows) requiring a 3 second delay between your slays, it doesn't preclude 3 guys standing in a line in front of you taking turns delivering one slay every second. These things all seem great if you're play...
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    Thank you for the explanation. I still hate math.
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    Earth Celestial balance

    I see your point. But I still think earth casters get the shaft while celestial casters get all the goodies. I remember a time when hardly anyone played a celestial caster. Between racial biases and the limited amount of total damage a celestial scholar could toss in a day, they were an...
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    Forgive my ignorance, but didn't Evade eliminate carrier effects before? I always thought that if you got hit with a "15 drain" and you called "evade" that negated both the damage AND the drain effect. Am I mistaken?
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    September event pre-registration (Ashbury Sept 16-18)

    I'm starting to really like the PC - NPC ratio. Less monsters means maybe I won't end up in the earth circle.
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    Not to derail the discussion, but... Why did they see the need to nerf Evade? Now it halves damage from weapon blows that have a damage number. Was it that game-breaking to give rogues (with less armor and less body and typically on the flank separated from the healers) to have some way...