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  1. satsukirebel

    November 2nd Event Registration

    Where does the time go? Our November 2nd event is fast approaching! Logistics will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Game-On hopefully by 9:30 PM, and Game-Off at approximately noon on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive...
  2. satsukirebel

    August 17th Pre-Reg

    Where does the time go? Our August 17th event is fast approaching! Logistics will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Game-On hopefully by 9:30 PM, and Game-Off at approximately noon on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive...
  3. satsukirebel

    SoMN No-Show Policy

    Pre-registration is incredibly important for a successful event. It allows staff to purchase the correct amount of food, prepare logistics requirements, and plan mods accordingly. Because this is so important we need players to follow through when they register their attendance. It is now SoMN...
  4. satsukirebel

    To those who have helped me in the past

    To those who have helped me in the past: I would like to officially state my appreciation for the assistance you have given me. I’d like to think that our previous partnerships have proven to be fruitful for all involved. I would love to see them continue into the future. To that end, I would...
  5. satsukirebel

    LARPcare! Childcare for LARP weekends!

    So, it has come to my attention that this might be an upcoming need. Well, I have a solution! For those weekends when I will not be larp'ing (more often than not) I would be willing to open up my home for SOMN larp-care. Most of you already know who I am but for those who don't here's a little...
  6. satsukirebel

    Upcoming Season Opener

    I'm sure this is in the works but do we know when prereg is due or site location yet?
  7. satsukirebel


    Because it was so crazy the other night I'm gonna give it an extension. I'd like an answer by the next day of the sun. Sincerely, Your new friend Tisk
  8. satsukirebel

    Ack- No Longsword!

    I just found out we don't have a spare longsword for my new char & I haz no time to make one. If anyone has one I can borrow for this game I would super appreciate it- thanks! -Crystal
  9. satsukirebel

    Glow Stick Lanterns

    I haven't tried this but I saw it and thought of Alliance. ... terns.html
  10. satsukirebel

    Our June Menu

    For those of you wot want t' know these next market days the Falcon's Roost is proud t' be offering a delicious seasonal menu, fit for a prince we 'ope! Friday Night: Chips, Pretzels, Cheese Dip and a Chilled Dip or Salsa Saturday Morning: Fresh Veg Frittata, Choice of Bacon or Sausage...
  11. satsukirebel

    Sales and Those Who Love It

    I am pleased to announce that I will be travelin' to your fair town this next market day. I will be sellin' organic, fair trade chilled lattes when I wake until they're gone. For those who enjoy business please do come and introduce yourself. I'm always lookin' t' form new friendships with...
  12. satsukirebel

    Reward for the Capture of the REAL Jimmy Three Face

    I do not take kindly to my good name bein' tarnished on nothin' but someone's idea of joke. That's why I'm offerin' 5 gold from my own purse for any information which leads to the capture of the real Jimmy Three Face. There will be an additional reward of an MI t' the person who can trace that...
  13. satsukirebel

    Baked Items for Sale

    For those of you who don't know McGregor and I 'ave been chattin' lately. I'm buyin' 'alf the tavern and will be a co-owner with 'im by this next market day. For obvious reasons this means I 'ave to limit my other sales. Alyce's Bits and Bobbles will be closin' for the season. 'Owever, I 'ave...
  14. satsukirebel

    Tavern Offerin's

    Okay, so I want t' stop and say a quick thank you to everyone who showed appreciation for the food last market day. I know it meant a lot to not just me but everyone who came and worked to keep the tavern running smoothly. It 'asn't been easy with McGregor away but I'll keep tryin' my best to...
  15. satsukirebel

    The Upcoming Town Battles

    For those of you who plan t' be comin' this next market day I'd appreciate it if you'd stop by the tavern and "check in" as it were. I'll be settin' up a list of attendance which should 'elp us get accurate numbers for redistributin' our finds. In the past we've scrambled to figure out 'ow many...
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    We know you got 'em. Let's see 'em people!.. please? ^_^
  17. satsukirebel

    Accounting and Loans

    Many of you know me by now. You know wot kind of woman I am and my love for business. In light of the recent troubles and worries I 'ave decided to offer my services. I keep a tight reign on my own finances and 'ave for some time now. In fact, you might just say that that and cookin' are my two...
  18. satsukirebel

    Chainmail Shirt For Rent

    Make me an offer if you're int'rested. It might just save your life. -Miss Alyce Sharp
  19. satsukirebel

    Women's Winter/Barb Boots for $18

    I saw this sale today if anyone else is interested. It's on a sample site so it ends on the 7th. ... moc-boots/
  20. satsukirebel

    A New Guild

    It 'as occured to me recently that per'aps the town would benefit from a group of those with similar skills figh'in' together. If you like to attack from be'ind and preserve your own safety please do contact me, privately or openly if you prefer. Just think of wot a group could do when...