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  1. Zephrin

    Recovery Efforts

    I am en route to the Camulan Isles and will report my findings.
  2. Zephrin

    Tsunami Buoy in "Event Mode"

    Hey guys! I know where Thessi is!
  3. Zephrin

    Survey and Event Rewards

    The Event Rewards link is allowing me to change the questions but not answer them.
  4. Zephrin

    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    Any birds still need a dress?
  5. Zephrin


    <Zeph's speech is slow and soft but deliberate> All of you are far too loud so I've been trying to avoid this place but I agree with Simon. If we can order the races in how severely they are being affected we might be able to find a direction in which to start looking. Clearly, the Dryads have...
  6. Zephrin

    Jack-o-lanterns and undead

    Santet, My sincerest apologies. I meant no offence. I must have misunderstood or was misinformed. Zephrin
  7. Zephrin

    Jack-o-lanterns and undead

    Air Raksa! I would be pleased to see you again though it may take some getting used to calling you Santet now. I hear your years have made you wiser and less quick to battle, though I'm sure even more deadly. With all of the other pumpkin flavored things flying about I may have to prepare some...
  8. Zephrin

    Jack-o-lanterns and undead

    Greetings citizens of Barran, In my homelands of Icenia, jack-o-lanterns have a special property around this time of year, one of being able to keep undead at bay when a lit candle is placed within. This is going to be my first harvest in Barran and I am wondering if jack-o-lanterns have a...
  9. Zephrin

    September Event favorites!

    1. Getting to go on a special guild mission to get parts to make a sword that swings body. 2. As a pirate Captain Friday night trying to kill anyone with better hats than us. 3. Cherry turnovers 4. Getting my neck broken by Bobo's cultist and thinking I was gonna res 'cause no one saw me go down...
  10. Zephrin

    Member Introductions!

    Hello my fellow guild members. I have just been accepted into this order and look forward to furthering my abilities.
  11. Zephrin

    PC Bunks at the new site.

    Each cabin can easily run a heater but the problem at the season closer was that everyone was running heaters. If you want heat, the propane ones are the way to go.