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  1. squeegee

    Help Us!

    If you all would like I could rift you to the island in question. Your numbers will not be so great that I cannot manage it. You will have to find a way back however and I will have to take you in small groups. -- Robert Iron Beard
  2. squeegee

    Help Us!

    Heroes, We here at Pella’s Wish have a real problem on our hands. All the water in the area has turned brackish! We need to evacuate and have no money to pay the Vorney. We spent all the money we had settling this island. Please help, our drinking water is running out and we have no where to...
  3. squeegee

    2018 Pick List

    Spellcrafting picks Each spellcrafting can be chosen once per player, per game. The cost is in goblin stamps. You can read up on what these rituals do here These rituals are spellcrafted by one of the guilds in game (player choice); The Vanguard...
  4. squeegee

    May 4th Pre-Reg (New Horizons)

    Sounds good man. Hope you can make it out this year sometime! -- Chris
  5. squeegee

    May 4th Pre-Reg (New Horizons)

    Did you pre-reg? Who are you? -- Chris
  6. squeegee

    May 4th Pre-Reg (New Horizons)

    The best thing to do is to email and sign your posts. Good for clarity. -- Chris
  7. squeegee

    Welcome to the Age of Legend

    Welcome to the Age of Legend. Times are hard and the people harder. The world has been reshaped by forces as of yet unknown. There are those that walk the face of Fortannis as if directly out of a story of old. Some of you have come in a roundabout manner, some a more direct route. But as they...
  8. squeegee

    Some more lost than others

    Adventurers, There are those among you who have dreamed the emerald dream and seen the great sleep. There are those that have seen the; future, past, and your present. Step forward knowing that this is your place and time. A time for great battles and adventure, a time of conflict and strife...
  9. squeegee

    Age requirement?

    Hey Alex, Thanks for your interest. At this time you must be at least 14 to play in our game and must be 16 to wield weapons. Hopefully we'll see you in a couple of years! -- Chris
  10. squeegee

    May 4th Pre-Reg (New Horizons)

    Where does the time go? Our May 4th event is fast approaching! Logistics will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Game-On hopefully by 9:30 PM, and Game-Off at approximately noon on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive...
  11. squeegee

    Catalyst for a ritual

    ^ +1
  12. squeegee

    April 20th Equipment

    Hello all, Make sure to bring boots and extra socks. You'll all want to bring some warm layers to wear as well because the nights will be cold and we play at night. I'm looking forward to 50 and partly cloudy but the ground will be soft. Make sure to drive slowly on the roads in camp...
  13. squeegee

    Pre-Reg Almost Due

    Pre reg is closed. But if you're coming to the game do the classy thing and let the staff know by filling out the pre reg form online.
  14. squeegee

    April 20th Pre-Reg (The Sundering)

    Pre reg may be closed but make sure to let us know if you're coming.
  15. squeegee

    Rumors hear around Horizon

    You been feeling all that shaking lately? Ya, my barn collapsed and the Jenkins farm fell into a chasm. Them bandits have been a real problem. Some of the tribes have been moving around the grasslands. Streams of refugees are arriving in the capitols. Pratorak has closed its borders. I’ve...
  16. squeegee

    Pre-Reg Almost Due

    PreReg closes tonight! Get them in to save that sweet sweet moola. Remember, if you are younger than 18 you need to bring the release forms signed by your legal guardian to game. They can be found under the chapter policies.
  17. squeegee

    Pre-Reg Almost Due

    Ya, go ahead and list out your items on the form. Thanks Ryan.
  18. squeegee

    Pre-Reg Almost Due

    Hello All, Remember Pre-Reg closes on Friday so get them in. Make sure to include all of your production and build expenditures as well as any goblin stamps you want to spend. If you pre-pay for the event as well as Pre-Reg you'll get to use the VIP line at check in. This will get you into...
  19. squeegee

    April 1518 Market Task

    Lord Asher, Aint y'all coming to Horizon for the market gather? -- Jesse Horizon Town Militia