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    Website Back Up

    After much gnashing of teeth and working through some issues with our hosting company (Hostgator was great and not responsible for the technical issues. Helped us every step of the way through it all.), is back up and running as of a few days ago! What this means for all of...
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    Dec 12-14 Favorites

    Post your favorites here! We want to hear what you liked best so that we can give you more of what you want! -Luke GM, ACV
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    Alliance C'ville at the Virginia Comicon!

    Myself and Perkins (Stage Manager, Head of Props, AHoL, etc.) will be at the VA Comicon ( this Saturday, Nov 22nd, in Richmond, VA to promote our chapter, the Alliance as a whole, and try to recruit new players, as well. If anyone would like to join us, please let us know so...
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    12-14 Dec Pre-Reg CLOSED

    Alliance LARP Charlottesville's first event is nearly upon us! :eek: When: 12-14 Dec, 2014 Where: Holiday Lake 4-H Education Center near Appomattox, VA Weather: It will be COLD at this event and possibly have a couple inches of SNOW on the ground. Wear layers, bring good shoes, and extra...
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    Event Info

    Welcome Alliance Players to Alliance LARP Charlottesville's first ever Pre-Reg post (details subject to change)! YAY! WAHOO! (and the peasants rejoiced...woo...) First, let me tell you about the site: Holiday Lake 4-H Education Center is AMAZING! Heated tavern, bath house, and sleeping...
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    Found: Latex Throwing Mug

    I arrived at home with an extra latex throwing mug just like the one Valím carries around all the time...I don't know of anyone else in game who has one, so I have no idea who this extra one belongs to. Please help me find the rightful owner! -Luke G.
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    Policy: Alliance Charlottesville Ritual Cap

    Due to In-Game events, Alliance Charlottesville (ACV) will have a Ritual Cap in place for the world of Urgwenteb. In order to raise or remove this cap, you will need to accomplish In-Game actions. "What actions?" you ask. FOIG. At this time we will not be allowing LCO items from other chapters...
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    November Build Daze

    Alliance LARP Charlottesville is holding a series of Build Days in November (various days of the week, times of day, and locations) in order to make final preparations for our Opening Event in December! Come help us build weapons, sew costumes, make packets, or whatever other props our Stage...
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    25 OCT 2014 Meet the Staff Day 2

    Greetings fellow LARPers! Alliance Charlottesville is having another introductory day in October to give out information about us and Alliance LARP as a whole to new and experienced players alike! We will be going over rules and weapon construction, as well as helping to create characters and...
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    Policy: Change to Legerdemain, Regarding Lock Picks

    Carrying lockpicks within the State of Virginia (Code of Virginia - § 18.2-94) without being a "licensed dealer" is considered "prima facie evidence of an intent to commit burglary, robbery or larceny" and you could be charged with a Class 5 Felony. We do not wish this upon any of our players...
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    Donations List

    All chapters in the Alliance do what they can with what they have, but it takes you, the players and generous people that you are, to provide that special "something extra" that truly separates us from all other LARPs in the world. This thread is here to elicit your donations of time, skill, and...
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    Help For Black Forest Fire Faire (x-post from FB)

    A friend shared this post from her friend on Facebook. Since I know some of you are involved in the Faire scene in CO, I thought I might find someone here available to help out. Please respond here or PM me if you are able to assist with this. - Luke
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    Resolved XP Award with new Resurrection Rules

    My logic tells me that XP awards would be applied to whichever character you were playing at the end of an event, but in the case of taking the new option to start a new character (per the "Killing off your character" rules) when you draw a Death the XP for the event applied to that...
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    Moving Nearby-ish

    Hello, fellow Alliance-ers! I'm Luke. I've been playing in SF for just over 2 years, but now my job has taken me to Virginia (Charlottesville, to be more precise). Anywho, I plan on NPCing for you folks since Gettysburg will be the closest chapter to my new employment. I look forward to getting...
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    Resolved New Construction: Javelins

    Javelins are mentioned as being part of the new Thrown Weapons group, but are not mentioned in the new text for thrown weapons. From what is written, it seems as though one could make a 2-inch-long "javelin" all the way up to 40 inches, it will cost 10PP to make (compared to 5PP for a Throwing...
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    7-9 September Favorites!

    A friend of mine just asked me how the weekend went. I summed it up thusly: I died, I amost cried, and I loved every minute of it! Thanks for a completely amazing weekend for what may be my last for a while...My character started the weekend motivated only to help the Dwarves only in the local...
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    Mar 2-4 Favorites!

    Post your favorites here! If you need access to the local forums, check this out! -Luke
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    Alliance National Database Announcement 1-2

    With our list of Mission Objectives completed, we are moving on to Phase 2 of the Database Design process. In this Phase, we are collecting examples of how the data in the existing database is collected and displayed. We're looking at what forms are used to collect the data, reports created by...
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    Alliance National Database Project Overview

    Thank you all so very much for your responses and input so far! We've gotten a ton of excellent points and ideas! In light of some of the responses we've been getting, I'm posting this Project Overview so that you all can see where we're headed. As you will see from this overview, some of...
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    Alliance National Database Announcement 1-1

    Ok, folks! We made the announcement last week that we are beginning a complete overhaul of the Alliance Logistics Database system, and now we are asking for YOUR help! We will be seeking your assistance regularly throughout this Database Design process in order to ensure that YOU get everything...