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  1. Ericka S.

    October Ashbury event pre-registration

    I'm just making sure/double checking my registration went through. I pre-logisted, but still not seeing my name on the list. Should have an event credit from July Stormbreak which I could not attend but already paid.
  2. Ericka S.

    October Ashbury event pre-registration

    Ericka Skirpan to PC for Julianna Locke. I should have an event credit on my account from the July Stormbreak event I could not make, can someone confirm this? Thank you!
  3. Ericka S.

    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    Ericka Skirpan pre-regging Vesper Simonova. Please use my credit from the payment I made for last event and could not attend.
  4. Ericka S.

    Stormbreak pre-reg for June 30 event

    It turns out that due to family matters, I'm not going to be able to make this event. Is there anyway my pre-reg payment can be moved to the August game of Stormbreak? I'm so sorry.
  5. Ericka S.

    June Ashbury event pre-reg

    Ericka Skirpan to PC Julianna Locke + 10 dollar food committee donation. Thanks!
  6. Ericka S.

    Attn: Selunari

    I had it written up and in my approved history already, but is there further information you wish from us? Should we email you separately JUST about that?
  7. Ericka S.

    Stormbreak pre-reg for June 30 event

    Ericka Skirpan paid/registered for Vesper Simanova for June 30th event.
  8. Ericka S.


    This is too long, but I loved too much... -Having this lovely, soft spoken, elegant novitiate in the form of Corina plopped in my lap and the gentle attempts to teach over the whole weekend. Vesper is learning as much from her as she is teaching. Masani, you ROCK. - Reunions with Atra, er...
  9. Ericka S.

    storm break food

    Personally, for those who can't do the lasagna main course (maybe just me) the canned tuna is great. Other great sub ins would be hard boiled eggs (reserved for vegetarians and low carbers), or even just a simple grilled chicken breast. Don't need anything fancy, just a lean protein to put on...
  10. Ericka S.

    storm break food

    I'm going to toss some extra money to food committee now, but is there any way that we can get some low carb/protein options for dinner? If not, I'll just bring a protein shake, but the dinner options don't work with a low carb diet, alas! Thanks!
  11. Ericka S.

    2017 opener favorites!!!

    AHH HOW DID I FORGET CONVERSATIONS WITH SADIE? I super loved background bonding with Sadie. Accountants? Jules is so, so sorry. Don't ever go home. And then semi figuring out how to have a backpack and fighting together Sunday morning, though I know Jules was impossible, Sadie was still a...
  12. Ericka S.

    2017 opener favorites!!!

    Goodness, this game was a ton of fun and it's great to RP with you all. I know I'm going to miss some things, but the favourites on my mind right now: - Dude-bro-lady bonding with Thorinn. It was just a riot the entire game, and I really enjoyed getting to see deeper into the character, her...
  13. Ericka S.

    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Ericka Skirpan pre-regged to PC "Vesper Simanova" . Thanks folks, so hyped!
  14. Ericka S.

    A celebration!

    ****, I guess I should be there. I'll have to check my calendar. Consider this "penciled in." -Julianna Hallik, yes, already technically married, but we thought we were dying that night. Guess it's good to do it proper. PS: Does this mean I have to wear a dress? You get one dress a year...
  15. Ericka S.

    October pre-reg

    Ericka Skirpan to PC Julianna Hallick.
  16. Ericka S.

    Stormbreak - A midsummer night's update

    Also... <explodes in feathers and jewels> SO DARN EXCITED. But yes. Post list when you know things. People wish to be supportive. Otherwise, I'm just going to spend this money on more clothes, and duvets, and pillows, and a tent, and a new tea set and... well... Things. Necessary things.
  17. Ericka S.

    July 22-24 Pre-Registration List

    Ericka Skirpan to PC Julianna Locke. Thanks! Can't wait to RP with you all!
  18. Ericka S.

    Not as Crazy as I Thought...

    I met a good deal of you this past weekend at the Draconalia festival. Many offered to help give advice, knowledge, experience and what have you towards the massive threats we are facing back on the Renlathan continent. Several others were just plain wonderful conversation and, Baron Grimm, I'm...
  19. Ericka S.

    July Favorites

    Fan-frakking-tastic event, folks. I really had a lovely time, even if I barely modded at all. Roleplay was wonderful, setting was wonderful, really, everything rocked. Here's some of my highlights, as I can remember them! - Bloodwine? What the hell is bloodwine? Oh shiiiittt... Walking into...
  20. Ericka S.

    June event pre-registration: CLOSED

    I notice I am marked to PC this event. I don't know if something got mixed up in PayPal, but I pre-registered for July's HQ and Nine Towers, not June, alas! And several of us put in to grab a cabin for July. I'll send an email and hope this can be fixed! Thanks.