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    July Faves

    My favorite was definitely the trial. Good times. Thanks to NPCs for their efforts and thanks to staff for running the show! -Ben / Sherock Edited by Sean Metzler Head of Rules
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    Problem with Paypal link

    IE hate is so very 2007. IE9 is a perfectly capable browser, and has the best hardware acceleration out of all of them. Until IE isn't used (aka never) it should be supported.
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    Chapter donations, a venture in silliness

    Actually, per the rulebook
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    Preemptive Topic Split - GS

    I feel like the general idea of discouraging donations is a bad thing. Increasing costs will make less people do it. Even if chapters only get one pay no play they still have a cash increase. I feel like the fight against donations is more of a fight against level and magic item creep and if...