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    Letter of Resignation

    Dear Alliance Community, Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from the positions of Head of Rules and Guest Plot Writer for Alliance LARP Denver. Contributing to Alliance LARP Denver has been an immensely rewarding experience for me over the last 5 years. Through the...
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    GS-paid Reward for PCs

    Hey Jesse! It's two weeks until the event, when can I get my loyalty picks? Thanks!
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    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    The mini cabins have one bed, last time we stayed in them they provided bedding, and there was plenty of floorspace for an air mattress or cot to share the space with someone else.
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    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    This was a great event! SO MUCH HAPPENED! I'm sure there's lots that I will have forgotten about, but let's go! Friday: Seeing Ja'Nuul at the masquerade! Thank you Ian for taking that time to portray my favorite NPC! Sad that nobody wanted to learn anything new from you, but very fun to play...
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Under "Weapon Guidelines" for Staff, there is the following text: Staffs may only be handled in the middle 3 feet. This distance should be marked off so it is easily identifiable. You must have both hands on the staff to attack, but you may block with only one hand on the staff, or in...
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    Removal of teacher skill

    I had a many great experiences seeking out teaching, as a new player, from longer-term characters in our chapter. Many of those opportunities allowed me to introduce myself, and also gave them an idea of what to expect from me. I also know a great many players who viewed this skill as an extra...
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    July Rules Clarifications

    Updated to add Reflexive Prison!
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    July Rules Clarifications

    Below will be the list of all of the rules clarifications that have come out of the July game. If any more clarifications are requested, I will edit them in and make a new post for them in this thread. High Magic through Meditation: I saw many players spreading misinformation that when...
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    Resolved Item Recall Target

    Hello! Just a few questions about the targets of item recall, and what tags should exist for it. As the ritual scroll states, the target for Item Recall is onto a spirit. Does this mean that the tag should be on the characters spirit, and it counts to the 20 ritual limit on that characters...
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    April 2019 favorite moments!!

    1. Alis' Festival! It was super well hosted, had just the right amount of stuff and was the most fun I've had at a party in a long time! Definitely my biggest highlight of the game was this time spent with PCs, before we were rudely interrupted by Dargok ;) 2. Finally meeting Cryn and getting...
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    [.11] Lets talk about Counteract

    I took three counteracts, and five retributions during my playtest. I never once got an opportunity to use any of my counteracts, as an adept with 4 reflect spells in memory and 5 retributions. I agree that it feels underwhelming, but I can't think of any good replacements for it. Trap...
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    Matters of Life and Death in the Upcoming Event

    Yes! Regardless of any In Game information that you hear, the rules surrounding death and resurrections will remain the same.
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    Matters of Life and Death in the Upcoming Event

    Matters of Life and Death Often in the Acarthian Campaign, there are story elements that occur that may make you question how it will affect your character. For example, in the beginning of the 2018 season, some characters in the world began dying on their first resurrection. This story...
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    Neighborhood Issues

    Can a map of the directions be posted so I can make sure I'm going the correct way?
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    Tent Compounds and Wards Policy v1.0

    I understand your question more clearly now. Flagging tape is meant to be used to represent the walls between each tent to create the larger structure. Yes, you are free to just run the flagging tape around the perimeter of the tents instead of having to do it in pieces.
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    Tent Compounds and Wards Policy v1.0

    In the covered compound option, yes, it is effectively one large tent with multiple rooms. One can not move through walls, the only way to enter or leave would be through any portals marked with a W. Flagging tape should only be used to represent walls between tents, and should not be used to...
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    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    The Dragon Mage's first meeting with the town, 10 minutes after lay-on. Really helped me stop stressing and get things rolling! Lots of fun interactions with many different groups of players, especially Eli instigating **** :p Thursday Night Orc Party! Super fun, I wasn't able to stay for long...
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    Friday Night Fae Event (IG and OOG)

    Thank you for your input. Your concerns have been heard.
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    Friday Night Fae Event (IG and OOG)

    Also, Avaran, I believe it's important to be clear that we have very strict consent policies on all kinds of physical and romantic roleplay, much stricter than every other chapter in the nation. If you'd like to read up on them, please do. -Taylor Kaiman
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    An Invitation from the Archaeology Guild (IG)

    Pluvianella Charbonneau There would be a specific protocol to follow if you wanted to join an expedition to Acarthian ruins, but due to the fleeting nature of Voridium we have decided to eschew that requirement. If you would like to join our expedition, keep an eye out for myself or Guildmaster...