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  1. Roland

    Castle 2017 (September 22nd-24th) Event Pre-reg now Closed

    Didn't you promise that wouldn't happen anymore a few months ago?
  2. Roland

    Castle 2017 (September 22nd-24th) Event Pre-reg now Closed

    Surely you jest, look at that nonexistant list of pre regged players and npcs in the OP.
  3. Roland

    Castle 2017 (September 22nd-24th) Event Pre-reg now Closed

    Crazy that no one has pre-regged by now.
  4. Roland

    Obvious Barbarians

    The easiest way to be a barbarian is not to speak Greek or Latin.
  5. Roland

    Pre-Registration for February 27th One-Day now open!

    Are we ever going to use this site again? Because that would be crazy convenient the few times in a blue moon I'm actually able to go larping.
  6. Roland

    Sneakers, boots, cleats, or costume footwear?

    I get mine from the Roman reenactment site soul of the warrior.
  7. Roland

    Sneakers, boots, cleats, or costume footwear?

    I've had a good time with Roman caligae. My feet don't get sweaty and I never have problems with traction when I'm outside, though they have pretty non existent traction on concrete floors. You get used to it though and I've yet to have any problem slipping when I'm inside.
  8. Roland

    August 2015 Menu

    So I finally get to see what travelbread is.
  9. Roland

    I need some last minute smithing.

    If any of our craftsmen could provide me with a new suit of armor I would be most appreciative. I'm looking for a single greave, sleeveless knee length chainmail, and a helmet (35 suit). I'd prefer having it at the upcoming market day but would understand if that was not an option. Roland
  10. Roland

    June Favorites

    -Node popping was pretty dang fun. -Trying to get Dave to let me hug him on the emperor's road when I was pinned. -Not being left behind on the emperor's road. -Putting Raggles to sleep for shits and gigs.
  11. Roland

    What weapons you use?

    I prefer short but long works too. -Roland
  12. Roland

    Attention: "The Butterfly"

    If this butterfly is so dangerous why not have a more dangerous name? -Roland
  13. Roland

    What weapons you use?

    I like swords, throwing things, and shields. -Roland
  14. Roland

    Crafting and things

    I could use three thrown weapons. -Roland
  15. Roland

    A New Recipe Book

    How fond are you of bread recipes?
  16. Roland

    The July Market Day Auction!

    six gold for the blue bracelet
  17. Roland


    Dang you and your being a college graduate.
  18. Roland


    All the U of M campuses have the same gen ed requirements right? I take it this is for Writ 1120? (College Writing) I'm up for helping you out, email is preferable and you can reach me at (on a semi-related note, Ryan you're at UMD? why do I never see you D:)
  19. Roland

    Pre-reg for Dec 1st-2nd Now open

    As much as I love you all, I have no way to get to the site and I don't have larp stuff with me at college (should have thrown out those silly pillows and bedding to make room for boffers) :c Hopefully I'll see you all again in 2013
  20. Roland

    equipment swap meet

    Lovely idea Things I am willing to trade/sell: Stone storm scroll Magic armor scroll Crossbow bolts A spear Things I am willing to trade for/buy: Two javelins Roland λ