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    May Favs

    Welcome to our club, Ben. Now that you've done it once, you have to do your best to make it happen every weekend. Also, it was great hanging out with you too. :)
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    Project S.W.E.E.T.S.

    I love you for this post, Jesse.
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    Urgent Messages from Paladin Jacob Norhelm

    If anyone is sent to investigate the Black Keep of Karagh, it should be the Vanguard of the Crimson Storm. Humans and celestial casters should not be allowed to tread upon that sacred ground. I will be contacting you soon. -Chieftain Ator Thunder-Bringer Vanguard of the Crimson Storm
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    Love the new coat...

    Oddly enough, I have seen the Malachide numerous times in these lands. Other than Johnathan, I have never seen an Alpha werewolf. Lycanthropy in the Deadlands is not a Celestial curse. Maybe you're more familiar with the affliction in your own lands, but you should avoid speaking so...
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    Love the new coat...

    Johnathan has not infected a single person in Chiram's Hollow with lycanthropy. How is relying on non-necromantic, supernatural transformation any worse than storing your spirit inside a gigantic, magical construct? The Malachai can control constructs by voice, you jackass. I guess that makes...
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    Love the new coat...

    My mistake. I'm just not very well-versed in werewolf lore, it seems. I apologize. -Thunder-Bringer
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    Love the new coat...

    There's something oddly hilarious about a man named Silverspoon wanting to champion werewolves. Dirty lycanthropes deserve no rights. Put a wooden stake through all their mangy hearts! -Thunder-Bringer
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    October Faves...

    Check with a marshal, but iirc you take Massive through a Prison. Just for future reference.
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    Not for lack of trying on my part. I think there were pics of him somewhere, along with the rest of your crew. Dark, curly-haired guy, right? I seem to remember pics of him and Anju floating around. Now I have to find them.
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    More bad news...

    Jeff, I've played with a sprained ankle and Gary has played with a hole in his ***. (A second hole; not the normal one.) Don't be a pussy. -S.
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    August event feast

    With participation so low, this almost doesn't seem worth the effort as it stands. Basically it's what, six people? I don't eat desserts anymore, and I'm not too fond of vegetarian fare -- overall I'm thinking the whole pot luck concept is pretty much a wash. When we did this years ago, there...
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    August event feast

    Northride eggs, here. I should be able to do a few dozen.
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    July Faves!

    1. Finally destroying the Felblade. That was incredibly satisfying. Holding down Draugr with my sword at his throat to question him; Draugr just laughing at me until I asked in almost a whisper "Hey -- where's your spirit linked magic sword? Where is it?" Gary's reaction was awesome, and I'm...
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    Is the June event on the weekend of the 18th, or 26th? HQ site says 18th, says 26th.
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    November NPCs and PCs

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    November NPCs and PCs

    God damn it, Albert. Mystic wood elves are the ENEMY! Stop being excited to see them, because it is our job to PERM them and destroy their book!
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    My D&D forums use the exact same software. Jeremy is correct -- it can be done from the Admin tools if the owner (probably Mike V.) is willing, but not manually by a user.
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    New Epic Death Policy

    This was the topic of my guild's chat on WOW for a while the other night. Sadly, Wynn had access to several full Regenerate sets and gave them all away over the years. He was generous and gave freely to everyone. Stupid Code. :(
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    October Favorites

    Just wait 'til next time. :twisted: