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  1. Eldor

    Earth formalist needed

    I can cast the ritual for you for the 5 gold you offer, I shall have a terminate prepared for the casting. Is the Destroy Formal scroll Local or Restricted, and if restricted, do you have all the reagents required for the casting? - Squire Eldor
  2. Eldor

    [.11] Alternative Life Idea

    I feel this solves most of the issues. First Aid already allows non earth casters to stabilize others when time is not critical, allowing for a longer use of the skill that can prevent death I feel falls in line with the intent of the skill (Non-combat healing). An earth caster is still...
  3. Eldor

    [.11] Alternative Slayer Idea

    The removal of many of the effects of magic items, I feel made the game better and made your class more meaningful. As an earth caster I really don't want to see a healing effect added for non earth casters, it diminishes an earth casters reason for existing in the game. Slayers and Revers are...
  4. Eldor

    [.11] Player Blankets instead of Character Blankets

    Being able to, as a player decide where the XP I earn for a weekend goes, as in which character will get the build it generates, I feel would encourage slower single character progression and help the game in many ways without punishing anyone. It is a Win - Win situation in every way. All you...
  5. Eldor

    [.11] XP math

    I very much support the idea of being able to decide which of your characters gets the build from a weekend. Currently about the only way to build up an alt without playing it, is with Gobbies, Dragon stamps or spending real money to build it up. If I had the ability to give the build I get...
  6. Eldor

    [.11] Time to Get a New Life

    I am personally looking forward to less life spells, as I prefer a more brutal game. That being said, for the sake of lower level players who are likely to suffer the most, I like the Vitality spell being the opposite of Create Undead (Besides Destroy Undead rarely drops anything these days)...
  7. Eldor

    [.11] Potency - Way better for Celestial ?

    I like idea of potency being a skill for scholars, similar to crit and back attacks, it would allow a caster to be extra effective for brief moments of time (damage or healing) and would follow a game mechanic already in place. Its use would not add any more complication than crit and back...
  8. Eldor

    [.11] Potency - Way better for Celestial ?

    According to the description for the ritual effect of "Potency" "A character may benefit from the Potency ritual of each specific Element (as listed on the scroll) no more than once per Logistics period" My impression as to what this means, is that Earth casters could only ever benefit from...
  9. Eldor

    Looking to Purchase Many Scrolls

    I am looking to acquire several formal scrolls and Catalysts, if you have any of the listed scrolls or Catalysts that you are willing to sell, let me know publicly or privately so we can start negotiating a price. SCROLLS Arcane Armor Audible Projection Bane Bountiful Harvest Cloak Controlled...
  10. Eldor

    Adventures to the front

    After receiving some updated information from the front, we will be heading out tonight to get there when we will be needed most, anyone else wishing to join, let me know in the next few hours, so you dont miss us. So far nine adventures have agreed to help. I look forward to fighting along...
  11. Eldor

    Adventures to the front

    Our continued defense of Barstow has shown that we have the strength to defeat the Hargrothian forces, yet they continue to plague the lands of Stradyn because they hold lands at the front. While Lord Knight Henry Longshadow commands his soldiers there with great skill, he lacks the numbers...
  12. Eldor

    Stradyn needs you.

    Having recently fought on the front lines, has reinforced how critical that fight is to the defense of Stradyn. I request that all adventures who are not currently involved in the defense of Barstow or its citizenry, head towards the front lines to offer your support. All skill sets will be of...
  13. Eldor

    [.10] - Relics impressions

    As others have said, I appreciate that Earth casters are being given something to compensate for wands, yet relics are a far cry from being comparable. The points that mikestrauss brings up only exemplifies this. In order to use a relic on your target, you must first incapacitate them, (likely...
  14. Eldor

    Resolved Clarification on Reverse Life force Ritual

    The last two lines in the description of the Reverse Life force ritual states. "The amount of curing is equivalent to the amount that it is normally healed; therefore if a creature normally was harmed double by healing and healed by necromancy, it would now be healed double by Curing and harmed...
  15. Eldor

    Racial features: Ogres

    Drow: Drow are a species of elf in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Etymologically, term is probably derived from the Shetland Isles Drow (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1970) states: "Drow, n., [scot.] A tiny elf which lived in caves and forged magical metal work."). The word's...
  16. Eldor

    Racial features: Ogres

    Regrettably if we did this, we actually could not have any Fantasy elements, as nearly all aspects of fantasy are based off of old religions, what many would refer to now as mythology and folklore.
  17. Eldor

    Racial features: Ogres

    While I understand the concerns of people being offended by a portrayal of an Alliance race bearing a resemblance to Blackface or Yellowface, I think we need to also realize that Dark Elves and Ogres have existed in stories long before there was Blackface or Yellowface. Just because the...
  18. Eldor

    Earth Casters in 2.0

    First - Earth casters need to have an effect similar to the celestial wand, just for balance sake. A celestial caster can have two to three times as many packets to throw as an earth caster because of their wand. No matter how effective these packets may or may not be they equate to things to do...
  19. Eldor

    Making everyone important.

    First let me say I think the whole debate over fighter damage will be likely resolved by the nerfing of magic items, and I would prefer to see that implemented before we start making other big changes to the game, that may end up creating new problems. Because of that, I would want to play test...
  20. Eldor

    June/July 2017 Favorite Moments

    First of all, this was an awesome game, I was nearly busy the whole time. - My first event with all my formal skills. Casting 5 rituals, was a nice start. - I never realized how anxious I could become sitting in a Circle of power, behind a ward, away from all the fighting. Being all alone...