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  1. migs

    Totems Crow has

    What totems does Crow currently possess? -Migs Ze Rycha Voda
  2. migs


    Um, so I am selling some maps next market. I have, Arbor, Arcland, Briar Pass, Centeras, Targosia, and Tymphany. I plan on selling them for 1 gold a piece or 5 gold for the set. Also, I plan to work on better versions of these in the future. So, if you buy a map soon, I will give you the next...
  3. migs

    pin scrolls

    I would like to purchase spare pin scrolls if anyone has any extra.
  4. migs

    No-magic zones

    Did we take care of a no-magic zone and if so, which one? Migs
  5. migs

    I wish to buy maps

    I wish to buy some maps at this coming market day. I have one of Terna but I would like as many different maps as possible. Some examples of maps I would like would be but are not limited to, Wayside, the barrens, Eternal Empire, Ternian Empire, The Northlands. Also if there are any maps of more...
  6. migs

    Notes from the last event (please respond if you have more info)

    Here is a series of reports that I have gathered over this last market day, the sources of which I gathered from: various adventures, the earth guild, celestial guild, various libraries, and my own senses. If you have anything to add, something to be corrected, or any questions please message me...
  7. migs

    Rule book

    Is the Alliance rule book fair game for character knowledge? If not, how can once such as myself gain the knowledge ligitemently in game? Migs/ Luke
  8. migs

    All I can learn

    I am trying to find out as much of the history of Wayside as I can. Plus I love stories; so if you want to post a story or adventure or a history, I'd be so thankful. Migs