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    Off-topic for Jaimi and Tim

    Earthen Ring, Horde side -- whisper Throst.
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    Last minute prop

    If you have access to a huge chunk of open-cell foam (at least 2 feet on each dimension -- preferably more) and can make me a last-minute prop, send me an email at
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    Halloween Event Title & Teaser

    Harvest of Flesh. The walking dead are not the only monsters that lurk in the darkness of All Horrors Eve. Some horrors creep from ages past, bringing with them ancient curses, foul prophecy, and an appetite for warm, blood-flecked flesh. Sometimes mortals cannot win—they can only survive.
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    Halloween Reminders

    For those who are new or may have forgotten, there are two in-game traditions that are very important in Laerthan: It is well-documented that when the veil between Laerthan and the Realm of the Dead becomes thin on All Horrors Eve, the power of wards and circles of power wane. Undead of all...
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    October NPCs

    If you are an experienced player and are NPCing the Halloween event, please email me and let me know at -- and let me know what kind of stuff you like to play. I'll see what I can do to accommodate you with a role or two next event. If you are a brand-new player, even if...
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    Independent Healers Registry

    People of the Deadlands: All too often we take for granted the healing bestowed upon us by those that spend their lives studying the healing arts and magic of the Earth. While those skilled with a blade cut down our foes and scavenge every silver piece from their quickly-dissipating corpse, the...
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    Looking for Ritual Scroll

    The Vanguard of the Crimson Storm is in need of at least one formal scroll of Spirit Farewell. We have gold, as well as reagents or items to trade. Please contact us if you have such a scroll available. Thank you. -Chieftain Ator Thunder-Bringer Vanguard of the Crimson Storm
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    Seeking Investiture Scrolls

    The Vanguard of the Crimson Storm is seeking to purchase or trade for Investiture formal scrolls from the Deadlands. If you have such a scroll, please seek us out. Thank you.
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    Spell/Recipe Books

    I don't feel like digging through my rule book right now, so... If my spell book rep is huge -- say, encyclopedia sized or so -- can I put both my Earth spell book tag and my alchemy recipe book in it?
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    October Favorites

    Since it seems that some people prefer to wait until someone else makes a thread (lazy!), here's your October event favorites thread. I'll post a few in a bit.
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    Purchasing and Trading Reagents

    The Vanguard of the Crimson Storm is interested in acquiring the following reagents: Fangtooth Cariosus Wand Jetsam We are offering a one-for-one trade of reagents (we have plenty of Feyander to trade, among others), or will purchase your unneeded reagents for 2 gold each. Please see Silent...
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    Skald Theen Flamedrinker, I am in need of your services this coming weekend. Avendar is prepared for his transformation and I may be in need of your talents as well. Please seek us out in The Hollow when you are able. The Vanguard will not be returning to Finn Castle. -Thunder-Bringer
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    Off topic AND amusing
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    July Event

    Does the July event still take place in Finn Castle Bastion, or will the fact that we're at a different camp reflect a different in-game location? In other words, am I bringing my Circle of Power rep? ;)
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    Ritual Scroll Needed

    The Vanguard of the Crimson Storm is in need of an Investiture Scroll from the Deadlands. If you have one for sale or trade, please contact me. Thank you. Ator Thunder-Bringer Vanguard of the Crimson Storm
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    Pics of a Two-hander

    Does anyone have a pic or two of the classic "hockey stick" two-handed blunt weapons that used to be so popular? I'd like to have someone make one for me, but they've no idea what I'm talking about. Thanks.
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    I hope you read this, Jotun

    Draugr, The spirits trapped within your blade call out for freedom, and the spirits housed within mine call out for your blood. I am going to appease them both. I understand that you knew the Sword was coming, and it angered you. Are you frightened? You should be. I am going to destroy you...
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    Gary, Jaimi, Ray, Dan, Sean, Doug, Kelly, and whoever else I am forgetting: Thank you so much. You are awesome. I had a great time and can't wait for next month. Love you guys. -Shane
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    Looking for Formal Scroll

    If you have a Limited Circle of Power formal scroll from the lands that were once Syraandor, and are interested in making some sort of a trade for it, please contact me. Also include the date of the scroll's expiration. Thank you. Thunder-Bringer Vanguard of the Crimson Storm
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    Permanently Dead PC's

    So I have a favor to ask those of you who played Syraandor forever. I am hoping to compile a list of every PC that permanently died in NH. Even the visitors like poor Heath. I have a poor memory, though. Full names would be ideal -- any names at all would be good, too. So far the names that...