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    Letter of Resignation

    Dear Alliance Community, Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from the positions of Head of Rules and Guest Plot Writer for Alliance LARP Denver. Contributing to Alliance LARP Denver has been an immensely rewarding experience for me over the last 5 years. Through the...
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    July Rules Clarifications

    Below will be the list of all of the rules clarifications that have come out of the July game. If any more clarifications are requested, I will edit them in and make a new post for them in this thread. High Magic through Meditation: I saw many players spreading misinformation that when...
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    Resolved Item Recall Target

    Hello! Just a few questions about the targets of item recall, and what tags should exist for it. As the ritual scroll states, the target for Item Recall is onto a spirit. Does this mean that the tag should be on the characters spirit, and it counts to the 20 ritual limit on that characters...
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    Matters of Life and Death in the Upcoming Event

    Matters of Life and Death Often in the Acarthian Campaign, there are story elements that occur that may make you question how it will affect your character. For example, in the beginning of the 2018 season, some characters in the world began dying on their first resurrection. This story...
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    The Journal of Arthur Solana – A Guide to the Mists

    April 16, 291 This begins my accounts of the planned expedition into the mist anomaly that formed on April 5th, 291. On the eighth of April I was approached by Simon Hart, a longtime friend and colleague, about a bizarre experience he had encountered while navigating six Acarthians through...
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    The Order of the Shining Light Welcomes You (IG)

    Order of the Shining Light (IG) Are you worried that the lost Voridium Shard will be a lawless outpost full of opportunistic ne'er do wells and gold addled necromancers? I know that I read the calls for assistance and began to worry that gold, unbridled knowledge, and vendettas would rule the...
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    Two Effect Clarifications for the April game

    Hello fellow players! I’ve been asked by Plot to clarify two effects likely to be seen by players this event. These effects are also likely to be clarified during the opening ceremonies, so if you are busy packing/running out the door, feel free to skip reading this, but please pay close...
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    November Rules Clarifications

    Several rules clarifications from the November game. I apologize that they’re getting out so late, I’ve had a busy offseason! There will also be another post in the coming few weeks with rules clarifications from Mod Day. “How long do you stay dead before you need to resurrect” As outlined in...
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    An Open Contract From the Liche's Hoarde Trading Company (IG)

    Into the clamorous depths of the Dreams you delve once more. Its swirling mists a mystery to the new, and a comforting reminder of friends far away to the seasoned. Your body sinks deeper into the comfort of your home, and your mind into the flurry of somewhat cohesive thoughts that build this...
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    An Invitation from the Archaeology Guild (IG)

    Once again, the comfort of deep sleep melts away into the complex network of minds that structures the Dreaming. The hushed and muted conversations of the denizens of Fortannis fill the air, their shadowy forms just barely out of focus, flickering in and out of existence. The darkness begins...
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    The Curse of Destruction and You (Part Two)

    The Curse of Destruction no longer has a secondary effect on the caster. That is all!
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    Silence and Prepare-To-Die Skills.

    Prepare to die skills state that it is a character verbal to activate the skills. Does this mean that they can not be used while silenced? See; The Slay applies to only one landed blow, and will remain active until the blow is landed or ten minutes pass. When first activating the skill, the...
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    Curse of Destruction and You

    As many of you may have seen earlier today, the curse of Destruction is now available for memorization if you are a member of the healer’s guild, or if you have spell books from across the mist. Until further notice, the curse of Destruction will also have a secondary effect on the caster. For...
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    Resolved Desecrate and Massive

    If I am fighting a living creature that swings Massive, and I am desecrated, do I take the damage or call no effect?