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    Racial Refresher

    That would be downright heroic of you!
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    April 2019 favorite moments!!

    Coming along with my NPC-side perspective... Before the game even started! Getting to write a fun flash-fiction style IBGA story for the team poking their noses into my guest writing bit. I don't get to do that enough anymore! The whole weekend - every mod that went out, and basically every...
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    2019 potential dates

    The Denver website currently lists it as the 9th-11th, but I seem to recall that August 16th-18th was the corrected version from last event. I remember shifting the day off request, at least! I don't see it mentioned above, but the dates without location listings are currently expected to be at...
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    2.0 Dark Elf - Makeup, Wigs, and More

    So, since the announcement of the makeup change to Dark Elves back in May, I can't help but notice that there have been almost no how-to or informational posts about how to approach the new makeup scheme. There were a few hinted at in the original thread (which I'll replicate below), but having...
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    Favorites from the new packet!

    I saw that one - definitely a good change! Personally, the change from bind to shackle is one I'm going to feel good about. Lovely, evocative word that does not require changing anything else around it. Well done! I've got more digging to do, but I don't want to memorize anything new since...
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    Denver November Favorite Memories!

    I can get this ball rolling! The New Site - Jesse is not kidding when he says how good this site is. The multiple locations for both small and large battles, the ability to use areas even with bad weather conditions (never have I ever done that much running during or after a freezing rain!)...
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    Build Cap

    More to the OP and less to the healing/resource use culture... I've found that every game I've ever played has a "sweet spot" in the rules where one will have the most fun playing. This could be low, mid, or even high level - but there is always something! To that extent, games should emphasize...
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    Denver October Favorite Moments and thanks!

    I've gone and stolen a free moment, so I'm going to try to remember some of the madness NPC-side from this event! Thursday Night: The rapid response of a big percentage of the camp to help Izzy unload and get out to help Josh and Karlee - the community on full display in the best way! Waiting...
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    April Menu and Meal Plan going forward (Important note for NPC's)

    Will the main website be updated with the NPC meal plan cost, or should we just work with logistics at event for this one? -Dan, full-time NPC dude
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    June 2017 Logistical Needs

    I believe that Nicole's yearly should be paid - I did a second Paypal submission, and put her as the "Shipping Address." I can track down the info if you need it. -Dan B.
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    Well, I suppose since I revealed my presence in another thread, introductions are in order! My name is Dan, and I NPC'd in the May event. I can't say I had a role that would have stood out to anyone - so I shall be a faceless mook for the moment! I've never done any LARP or stage/theater...
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    May favored moments!

    I had quite a bit of fun with this as a first time NPC - you all are pretty likely to see me NPCing again when I'm not working on a Saturday! Among the many things that stood out: - Introduction in NPC camp and first explanation of the combat rules with Jeff: I couldn't tell you why, but...