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    Spoils from Haven Adventures

    After the tremendous amount of spoils from our recent adventures were sold off and distributed, the final split came out to 12 gold each. In addition, a share of material for the creation of magic items was divided to each person in the estimate of 2 diamond, 9 circle motes from the Maelstrom in...
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    Catalyst from the last gathering in Enneret

    (A figure bearing the likeness of Arkelos appears in the dream. He yawns and stretches before speaking.) I've identified the catalyst found after Ashen Spire's recent encounter with that person who throws dragon magic like I throw wand charges. Stardust is the catalyst needed to successfully...
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    Need Motes for secret project

    Hello everyone, I'm aware that we've gathered and saved communal motes for the sake of furthering our goals here. I have a project underway that may grant us a significant tactical advantage. I can speak more about it privately, since I don't want to project the idea to our opposition, but the...
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    Looking to purchase Silvery Red Alloy

    I am currently looking for the catalysts for my construct scrolls. If anyone is in possession of one or more catalysts of this kind I'd be interested in working out a trade with them.
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    To Zeth

    Zeth, Has the pile of coins from the elementals that appeared sunday morning been counted? You insisted on taking it to be sorted for everyone who was present. I'd appreciate if you let us know your record of the participants in the fight as well as what it summed up to. -Arkelos
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    Golem ability inquiry

    I've recently come into the possession of a construct scroll or two and would like information so that I can better decide what to create. Does anyone know what the capabilities of the various golems are and which are considered to best compliment a celestial mage's abilities? I am planning to...
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    To those who wish to open the House of Fate and Fury...

    While it is entirely likely that anyone may stumble upon its banner at any moment, I feel that our combined effort and intention to open the house should be made manifest. I propose that we meet this coming friday night in the dining hall to discuss how to go about searching for the banner. In...
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    Celestial Formalist for hire...

    Hello Everyone, I have spent a significant amount of time studying the art of celestial magic with a focus on formal casting. I have reached a point in my studies where I feel comfortable offering my skills to those who would find them valuable. I can assure the successful casting of most...
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    Leapfrogging Expanded Enchantment

    Can the spell being put into an expanded enchantment originate from a successfully cast expanded enchantment ritual cast in the same batch? To ask another way: If I only had one life spell available and wanted to use it to make a 2/day life item, would it be possible to use the same spell to...
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    The Corrupt

    I apologize for not posting this sooner, but recent events have made it difficult to find the time to write this. For those of you who are not aware, a few months ago a group of us performed a vision ritual with one of the corrupt as a focus. I was the recipient of that ritual, the results of...
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    Define "Caster"

    The Construct scroll states that the caster is allowed to control the construct. When multiple casters are involved in the ritual, are the secondary casters considered casters as well and thus granted control over the construct? Or does this only apply to the primary ritualist?
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    Buying scrolls, potions, reagents, and a catalyst.

    I'm interested in purchasing the following things: Battle Scrolls: Disarm Magic Armor Shield Pin Bind Shatter Wall of Force Awaken Web Stone Storm Lightning Storm Dispel Ice Storm Dragon's Breath Potions and Elixirs: Serious Wounds Cure Critical Wounds Cure Mortal Wounds Magic Armor Awaken...
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    Missing Weapon: Orc Choppa

    Marcus lost his orc long sword at the last event during the highbee mod. If anyone swept the forest area and found it please send me a message or post here. A lot of work went into that weapon and it would suck to not have it anymore. Thank you -Joseph (Arkelos)
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    The Pinata of Power

    I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful and entertaining ritual. I hope that maybe in the future something similar to the Pinata can bring us together that way again. The contents of the Pinata were a construct scroll, component, 5-8 gems I am told were worth between 5...