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    Guten Tag! For those of you I had not interacted with during various adventures and battles last market, My Name is Leopold Halle and I am a former Landsknecht, Former Horse Farmer, and Current Adventurer. About 10 years ago I was awarded a plot of land in Northshire from the Duke as payment...
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    Loaner 2 hander

    So, I need to borrow a boffer 2 handed sword from someone this weekend, as I don't have one of my own. If anyone can lend me one that'd be great.
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    New Player Build Advice

    So I will be coming in to the long weekend event as a new player as a brand new 39 point build fighter. I'm still learning the system and am wondering if anyone has any build advice for me? I'm specifically looking to use 2 handed swords if that helps.