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    Orcs and Ogres!

    I have traveled to Elara with the ambassador Wraith previous to our last meeting in Ceriopolis. Here is the most up to date situation report that I can give you all with more information likely to come as my more recent travels wrap up. The wild forest is indeed a very much living forest, the...
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    Infectious diseases?

    I remember doing a disease thing in Seattle for a weekend and having a lot of fun with it personally. It was some woogy disease that we ended up having to create a tincture out of the essences of some ghost that walked around the woods at night or something or other. The mechanic I remember...
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    December Event Favorite Moments

    - realizing that i may want to rethink the whole staying in a cabin alone with no ward thing while i was standing "neked" in an earth circle created by my belt at 7:00 in the morning staring an intense ogre right in that face. -that ogre being wholly discussed by my ritual scroll to the point...
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    Dominus Role Call

    Don't forget Light and lies with Equitem Vanyel and Temperance and ruin which I believe is currently without either.
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    Re: the role of plot/hobby vs. "employment"

    Honestly as a player who has done some time on logistics in the past I agree with Toddo on this one more so than anyone else so far. I have never once considered myself to be a paying customer and i actually really dislike the idea of people referring to PC's as paying customers on either side...
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    Monster Slayer Ettiquette

    Wouldn't progressively increasing costs for profs just encourage higher level fighters to diversify their build expenditures in a way that discourages specialization and teamwork? (More so than the system already somewhat does at high levels)
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    On Travel to Sedovia

    See you in a month, safe travels.
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    On Travel to Sedovia

    Tiktik, The laws are on their way, hopefully the courier can find you with relative ease.
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    On Travel to Sedovia

    I have dispatched a copy of the laws to you Roann, if you are still close by around Ceriopolis you should receive word from a courier shortly. As for housing and accommodation in Sedovia, there is a common house that does not allow warding of any kind but should have plenty of open beds for you...
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    On Travel to Sedovia

    Roann, Though wise to take note of Alcandar's threat, he is indeed a ruthless man when protecting those he loves, understand that he as well as yourself are subject to Sedovian law while in Sedovia. I can send you a copy of said laws if you would like to know them before travelling. -Melvyn
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    Let's talk garb

    I wore Merrel Tough glove shoes for quite a while. They gave me a bit of the barefoot ultralight feel without the ouch.
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    Refugees and Farms

    Squire Shin, I talked to the representative from Elara for a bit outside during the feast. His name is Wraith if I'm not mistaken. I will be travelling with him as my escort into Elara. there are tensions between them and the silkleaf nation so it is advisable that dwarves and dryads take care...
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    Let's talk garb

    I've been thinking about upgrading my kit for some time now and have been admiring a lot of peoples gear at game. So I figured I might as well just ask. What are some people's recommendations for getting good custom garb locally? I've got some cool ideas but I suck at sewing and want to support...
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    Seeking a nice club

    Well, I have finally practiced enough with sticks to feel comfortable protecting myself so I am now in the market for a nice club, or any other suitable blunt weapon that someone could sell me. I would prefer something without much metal and would love to purchase anything imbued with earth...
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    House of Neutrality

    I figure now is as good of a time as any to voice my opinion on this idea. I initially was all for the formation of a neutral group whose purpose would be to facilitate communication between the groups, I was even planning on maintaining a neutral presence myself, however upon further...
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    LittleLeaf Trading Company: September Meals Planned

    Count me in little. I look forward to seeing you again.
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    Pre-Reg Closes tomorrow... Get them in.
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    March Event Highlights!

    It really was a fun event for me. In no particular order. - The Friday night entrance into game, I really enjoy coming into game on a group mod, it really gets me into the swing of things. Also I got to politely direct Alcandar and Lord Gyr to fill up gaps in the line. It always feels good to...
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    LittleLeaf Trading Company: March Meals Planned

    LIttle, If it is still possible to partake, I would like to partake in your full meal plan. Melvyn
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    More new forms!!!! HUZZAH!

    Use It!!