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    In search of Millet

    I have stopped by 2 stores looking for millet for making packets. WinCo was even sold out. Does anyone have any that they could bring to game to sell me? Thanks a ton David K
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    Seaking Arcane Armor for This Coming Gather

    Greeting friends. My previous suit of armor has expired, and I have yet to obtain a replacement. In the meantime, I am seeking one that I could borrow for a few days. It need not be able to travel the mists. If you have one that you could spare it would be greatly appreciated. In thanks, Maven...
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    [0.9] Why is Ritual Use different for each class?

    The Rule "Rituals which are powered daily must be “activated” through use of a new ability, Ritual Use. This replaces any previous Skill or Spell expenditure that was required as part of the Ritual; now, when using one of these Rituals, the only thing you spend is the Ritual Use point and the...
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    Seeking lodging.

    I find myself once again returning to the Ceriopolis, and I find myself in need of lodging for this coming gather. Is there anyone who has a bed that they would be willing to spare? Maven of the First Forrest
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    Looking for an Earth Ritualist

    I am looking for someone who is capable of casting some rituals with flaws and an empowerment this coming week. If anyone is interested and has the high magic to spare please contact me. Thank you, Maven of the First Forrest.
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    Resolved On using flaws

    Assume the following scenario. I have the following magic item 1/day cloak fire flaws: 1/2 damage from fire, double damage from ice. must be held to be used. The item in in my belt pouch. If I get hit with a flame bolt I cannot cloak it (to my understanding), but how much damage do I take...
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    Looking to carpool

    I am looking for either someone who needs a ride to the gameday and wants to split gas, or someone who can fit another in their car. I don't want to drive the whole way by myself. Please message me. David K
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    I plan to bring a number of canned drinks (soda) to sell at the upcoming tourment. I plan to sell them for 2 silver a piece. Maven
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    Cure Light Wounds

    We lost a large number of our potions in the encounter with the Skree. I am looking for CLW elixirs or potions to replace them. I am looking for 20 or more. Please contact me if you have bulk to sell. Maven of the First Forrest.
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    Ritual Casting

    OOG I am talking to JP about having an Oregon mod day right before the next Seattle Event for the purpose of casting rituals. I have around 17 rituals to cast, so I would like to get someone who could speed up casting. I also want 4 flaws added to items with the choose flaws ritual manipulation...
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    Looking for an earth ritual caster.

    Greeting. My mate and I are traveling down for the celebration you are having, and we find ourselves in need of an earth ritual caster. We have many rituals in need of casting. Specifically we have a few small rituals which need to be flawed. May the trees keep rain from your head, Maven of...
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    Cheap Glowsticks

    One day only has a great deal on glowsticks. Shipping is the same for up to 3 sets.
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    Looking for a celestial ritual caster.

    Greetings to all the peoples of Andar. My mate and I are journeying to Andar shortly and we were looking for someone well versed in the casting of rituals. We don't have much coin on us, but will be making cookies to trade for casting. If that is not to your liking, we would be willing to...
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    Chainmail Patterns

    Are there any restrictions on patterns/styles/weaves of chainmail with regards to 3point armor?
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    3 Point Chainmail Rings

    The rules state that 3 point chainmail is "heavy metal chain mail 14 gauge or thicker with an inner diameter 5/8" or smaller (can vary depending on gauge)" My questions are as follows. 1) Is the 14 gauge SWG(Standard Wire Gauge) or AWG(American Wire Gauge)? 2) What does "(can vary depending...